He is recovering now.. Soon the team will come to India.. Pant gave good news to the fans.

Rishabh Pant, who was seriously injured in a road accident while traveling from Delhi to Uttarakhand on December 30 last year, is recovering fast. Pant, who is currently undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai, expressed that he misses cricket a lot and will join the Indian team soon. Pant, who is in the hospital, shared many things in an interview given to IANS. This is the first time Pant has spoken to a media organization after the accident.

Rishabh said… ‘I am fine now. Get well soon. By the grace of God and the support of the medical staff, I will get full fitness soon..” he said.

Pant said that he does not care about what is happening around him, but he is always trying to stay fresh. ‘I am surrounded by positivity and negativity. But I focus on how I see my life. After the road accident my life changed a lot. There is joy in the little things to be enjoyed. For me, brushing my teeth every day and enjoying the sunrise without sitting in front of the sun is great.

We are running behind big goals and forgetting such small things. What I have observed in these two months is that if I want to give a message to someone, we should spend each day happily. We should be able to enjoy every moment that comes our way…’ he suggested.


Pant said that due to the road accident, he misses cricket a lot and cricket is a big part of his life. He said that he is currently recovering and will return to the ground soon after regaining full fitness. Pant said that he could not wait for more days for that. Thanking the fans who are supporting him, Pant said that he hopes that their support for the Indian team and Delhi Capitals in the IPL will continue like this. He expressed confidence that he will come back to the team soon to entertain the fans of Team India.


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