Hereditary party.. Number one in corruption: Amit Shah criticizes Congress

Amit Shah slams Congress: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has criticized Congress and JDS. He described the two parties as family heirloom parties as they are at the top of corruption and giving importance to their family’s interests. He accused the Congress party of insulting its senior leaders and veterans. He urged all political parties to learn how to deal with such leaders after Prime Minister Narendra Modi honored former Chief Minister Yeddyurappa on his birthday.

If we go into the details.. Elections to the Karnataka Assembly will be held in a few months. It is in this order that BJP is making strategies to get the seat of power once again. The election campaign is being conducted in full swing. Amit Shah addressed two public meetings held in Bidar and Devanahalli near Bengaluru as part of BJP’s statewide ‘Vijay Sankalpa Yatra’ ahead of the May elections. He said that people should decide whether to vote for FDI’s ally BJP or vote for Congress and JDS who are number one in corruption. Do you want BJP to make Karnataka number one in aviation and space? Or do they want Congress and JDS who give high priority to their family interests? He asked.

Will you vote for BJP, which has made Karnataka number one in startups and unicorns? Or will they vote for JDS who are giving tickets to everyone in their family? He asked the people who participated in the campaign rally. Also, Shah also mentioned about the organizations that are facing the allegations of opening up terrorist activities in the country. Will you vote for the BJP which has banned the Popular Front of India and its affiliates? Or will you vote for Congress which is ready to support terrorists for vote bank politics? People were asked. He criticized the Congress and JDS saying that the parties that give priority to their families cannot benefit Karnataka and cannot think about the welfare of the poor in Karnataka beyond the interests of the family.

Amit Shah claimed that only the BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is concerned about the poor people. He said that the government is taking all kinds of measures for the welfare of the poor. He alleged that every vote given to JDS would eventually go to Congress. Alleging that if JDS gets 25 to 30 seats, they will go to Congress, and if this happens, Karnataka’s number one corrupt Congress will come under the rule. He appealed to the people to give absolute majority to BJP. Amit Shah said Congress has insulted its leaders, be it S Nijalingappa or former Chief Minister Virendra Patil. He claimed that only BJP knows how to deal with party seniors soberly.

All political parties should learn from Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to Karnataka and how he honored Yeddyurappa in front of the people. It is recommended to learn how to respect elders, giants and popular leaders. Amit Shah criticized the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party and questioned what happened to the Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. They are chanting ‘Modi Teri Kabar Khudegi’. The Aam Aadmi Party is also chanting ‘Modi mar jaa’ (Modi must die). But, Shah said, as the Prime Minister has the blessings of the people, such slogans cannot be used. He said that no matter how muddy the lotus (BJP party symbol) blooms.


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