High Court shocks Megastar Chiranjeevi.. Orders not to take up construction in disputed area…


First Published Mar 15, 2023, 9:21 AM IST

Hyderabad: Telangana High Court gave a shock to Megastar Chiranjeevi. The High Court has issued orders not to take up construction on the disputed land in Jubilee Hills Housing Society. Chiranjeevi directed the Jubilee Hills Housing Society to maintain the status quo in the disputed area. The High Court has issued an interim order to this effect. J. said that 595 yards of land has been allocated for use for public purposes. Srikanth Babu and others filed a petition in the High Court.

The High Court held a hearing on this on Tuesday. They claimed that the land was not taken over by the GHMC, so it was sold against the rules. The petitioner’s counsel argued in the court that Chiranjeevi’s construction was undertaken at this disputed site. After hearing arguments from both sides, the High Court ordered the GHMC and Jubilee Hills Housing Society to file counters and adjourned the hearing to April 25.

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The Telangana High Court on Tuesday directed actor Chiranjeevi not to undertake construction work on the disputed 595 square yard plot in survey number 102, 120 of Hakimpet village. In 2022, the newly constituted committee of Jubilee Hills Housing Co-operative Society regularized the plot and transferred it to Chiranjeevi.

Society chairman B. Rabindranath, treasurer Nagaraju, said the plot behind the actor’s building was sold at Rs. 64,000 were allegedly sold. To this extent, in the petition filed by society members Jampala Srikanthbabu, M. Prabhakar Rao and others, the society’s market value is Rs. 20 crores, but it was sold for Rs 3.83 crores.

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Moreover, they said the society had no authority over it as it was government land and belonged to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. To this extent, Rohit Pogula, counsel for the petitioners told the single judge bench. Bhaskar Reddy alleged that the plot was alienated without the permission of the housing society’s managing committee. Pogula alleged that the registration authority colluded with the managing committee for this.

Due to all these developments in favor of Chiranjeevi.. he approached the court saying that the construction was going on in that disputed place. They asked for orders to stop the construction activities there and restrictions to prevent further alienation of the property. The judge ordered Chiranjeevi, GHMC and Jubilee Hills Housing Co-operative Society to file a counter and adjourned the case to April 25. With this, whispers have started in Film Nagar about this incident which has been going on for the past few days.

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