Holi 2023: You have never played such a strange Holi..

Floral Holi

Bale celebrates the festival of Holi at the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. Holi is specially celebrated on Ekadashi before Holi festival. It is called Phoolon Wali Holi which means Flower Holi. Because here devotees use only flowers to play Holi.

Holla Mohalla

Holla Mohalla or “Holi of Warriors” is celebrated in Punjab. It is a festival held on the eve of Holi. It includes poetry, horse riding and martial arts performances. Its main purpose is to honor the bravery of Sikh soldiers, especially those belonging to the Nihang Sikh community.

Widow Holi in Vrindavan

Widows have many commitments. Others cannot be free. Can’t live as you like. Moreover, they stay away from Holi. But even widows can play Holi in Vrindavan.


Shigmo is a 14-day Holi celebration in Goa. In this Holi they not only play with colours, but also have traditional folk music and street dances. As Goa is a coastal state with a large fishing population, the boats here are well decorated with colours. Shigmo is celebrated in two ways. Rural people celebrate “Dhakto Shigmo”. The rest celebrate “Vadlo Shigmo”.

Holika Dahan

On the day of Holika Dahan, everyone from children is near bonfires. Especially wearing garlands of fruits around the neck is becoming a custom. It describes the burning of Holika.

Dhulandi Holi

Around ten vehicles are decorated with flowers in Dhulandi Holi. Some people dress up children as Radhakrishnan.

Holly Milan, Lathmar Holly

Holi Milan and Lathmar Holi celebrations are very popular. Not only in our country but also from all over the world come here in large numbers. It is celebrated in Barsana, Mathura and Vrindavan. This is a strange way to celebrate Holi. Here the women chase the men with batons or sticks. They beat them for fun. Gorakhpur honors brotherhood as part of Holi Milan. Holi is celebrated for seven days in Kanpur. And on the last day there is a big fair called Ganga Mela.

Spring Festival

Basant Utsav is celebrated in West Bengal to celebrate the arrival of spring season. Bengali people play with gulal a lot. Dol is an important part of Holi festival in Bengal. Dol Yatra is held here on Holi.


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