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First Published Mar 7, 2023, 3:20 PM IST

Holi means colors, happiness, excitement, entertainment… It is believed that there is no such festival of colors anywhere else in the world. However, there are many festivals and celebrations that are close to Holi in many countries of the world. These also stir the heart with joy like Holi. Let’s know how and where these festivals are celebrated.

Similar to Holi, 7 festivals are celebrated in other parts of the world

1. Boryeong Mud Festival
Matti festival was held for the first time in July 1998. It spans four days, including 16 fun-filled events. Boryeong City is located in the coastal region of Chungcheongnam Province, South Korea. The Boryeong Mud Festival was originally started to promote the city’s mud business. It is the most famous festival in the world. The festival introduced the world to the beautiful Daecheon Beach. While the festival may sound dirty, the fun fact is that nutrient-rich soil can help slow skin aging.

2. La Tomatina
In La Tomatina, tomatoes are thrown at each other for entertainment purposes, similar to throwing colors at Holi. It is held annually in Buñol, a town in Valencia, Spain. It is a festival that promotes happiness and fun. There is uncertainty as to how La Tomatina originated, but it has been a tradition since 1944 or 1945.

3. Chinchilla Watermelon Festival
The Chinchilla Watermelon Festival is held every two years in Chinchilla, an Australian town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. A festival full of watermelon-themed events like Melon Bulls Eye, Watermelon Skiing, Watermelon Chariot, Watermelon Bungee, Melon Ironman. The festival was first organized in 1994 to bring more tourists to the town.

4. Harrow Wine Festival
Harrow Wine is a wet, hot, sticky festival. It is a summer festival held on St. Peter’s Day in the town of Harrow in the La Rioja region of northern Spain. It has been declared a festival of national and touristic interest by the Spanish government.

5. Songkran
During the Songkran festival, people throw ice-cold water and smear the beige paste on each other. It is celebrated to mark the Thai New Year. It is a festival that symbolizes purification, washing away one’s sins and bad luck. The name Songkran is derived from the Sanskrit word sankranti.

6. War of Oranges
Battle of Oranges is the Italian version of La Tomatina. Held in the northern Italian city of Iverra, this is Italy’s largest food fight. Here people throw oranges at each other in organized groups. 1808 saw the first War of the Oranges. 400 tons of oranges are crushed here every year.

7. Cascamoras
Called Fiesta de Cascamorus in the Spanish vernacular, it is celebrated every year in the towns of Guadix, Baja, Spain. The origin of this festival has been observed since 1490. During this festival, the people of Gaza and Guadix participate in the fun of saving and stealing the statue of Mary.

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