Honor killing in Nandyala.. Father killed daughter for not going near her husband.. severed head and torso…

A father has gone astray saying that his married daughter is proud that she has left her husband. He killed his daughter by strangling her and dismembering her head.. He came to fall in the forest.

Honor killing in Nandyala, father killed daughter - bsb

First Published Feb 25, 2023, 6:47 AM IST

Nandyala: An honor killing has created a commotion in Nandyala district of Andhra Pradesh. The married daughter was brutally strangled and her head and torso were severed. The father-in-law killed his new born daughter out of anger that she would bring dishonor to the family. The incident took place in Panyam mandal of Nandyala district in AP. However, it came to light of late. .Regarding this incident Panyam SS Sudhakar Reddy has informed the details to this extent…

A man named Devender Reddy of Panyam mandal Alamur has two daughters. The eldest daughter’s name is Prasanna (21). Two years ago, she got married to a software engineer. You have camphor in Hyderabad. Prasanna had an affair with another man before marriage. Be intimate with him. However, due to this reason, Prasanna, who recently returned from her husband’s home, did not want to go back to Hyderabad.

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After two years of marriage, she came to the village from Hyderabad and stayed at her mother’s house.. Getting close to the person with whom she had a love affair before marriage, and not going near her husband.. The father did not like all this. He was angry that his reputation would be lost because of it. It is for this reason that on the 10th of this month, father Devender Reddy’s daughter Prasanna was strangled to death in their house.

After that, along with some others, they took the daughter’s body in a car to the forest area on the Nandyala-Giddalur route. There, the head and trunk of the daughter’s body were separated. They dropped them at two separate places and returned home. After that he remained as if he did not know anything. In this background, Grandfather Siva Reddy inquired about Prasanna when his granddaughter Prasanna, who used to call him regularly, did not call.

If you ask son Devender Reddy, he says he doesn’t know. Siva Reddy, who was suspicious of this, strongly denied it and told the truth. He confessed that he killed himself out of anger that his daughter’s work was tarnishing his reputation. On Thursday, the police registered a complaint and arrested Devender Reddy. They interrogated him and found out where Prasanna was dropped.

Devender Reddy was taken to that area and killed. However, even after searching the whole day on Thursday.. as he said, the skull was nowhere to be found. It was windy again on Friday. On the second day Prasanna’s body parts were found. They were sent to the government hospital for postmortem. The case is being investigated. Locals are panicking after this incident came to light.

Last Updated Feb 25, 2023, 6:48 AM IST

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