Horoscopes: The problems of the zodiac sign will be solved

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How is today going to be for the twelve signs of the zodiac cycle? Good luck to anyone.. What their lucky stars say. Who will get along…who will have problems…let’s find out today in Rasi Falu.
Date : 28th February 2023
Year : Shubhakritunama
Him: Uttarayanam
month Falguna
Season: Autumn
Paksha: Shukla Paksha
Week: Tuesday
Tithi : Full Navami
Nakshatra : Rohini till 10:16 AM
Curfew: 4:17 PM to 5:59 PM
Durmuhurtam: 08.43 hrs. From 09.29 am. Return to 10.58. From Ra.11.47. until
Rahu period: 03.00 am. from Sat.04.30. until
Yamagandam: U. 12. Ni. from 01.30 am. until
Sunrise : 06.24 hrs
Sunset: 06.01 hrs

Aries (Ashwini 1,2,3,4 Bharani 1,2,3,4 Krittika 1):
Unnecessary expenses are incurred. Problems arise in the family. Be careful with important things. A negative environment arises from offspring. Physical activity is high. There may be conflicts with relatives. Unnecessary fear arises in the mind. Expected profit in professional business is not met. There should be harmony with brothers and sisters. Chant Ongam Ganapathaye Namah for this Rasi today to get good results

Taurus (Krttika 2 3 4, Rohini 1 2 3 4, Mrigasira 1 2):
Hard work pays off. Hear the good news. Family comfort will be available. Physical activity is high. Money is spent on dinner and entertainment. Relatives are taken for help in the task. Professional businesses will be favourable. New businesses are discussed with elders. New acquaintances will come together. Being mentally calm without complications or irritations. Today will be spent happily. Chant Om Vishnuve Namah for this Rasi today to get good results

Gemini (Mrigashira 3 4, Arudra 1 2 3 4, Punarvasu 1 2 3):
The reciprocity between husband and wife decreases and conflicts do not arise. Funding avenues are explored. There will be no conflicts with the officials in the job. Unreasonable anger, hasty actions create negative atmosphere. There will be profit in land sales. Unnecessary journeys occur. It is better to avoid quarrels with others. There will be loss of money in professional business. Unnecessary expenses should be reduced. Friends can cause harm. Chant Om Kumaraya Namah for this Rasi today to get good results

Cancer (Punarvasu 4, Pushyami 1 2 3 4, Ashlesha 1 2 3 4):
Physically and mentally weak. There will be loss of money in professional business. Health needs to be taken care of. There are problems with the work to be done. Obstacles will arise in the tasks of the head. Conflicts with spouse may come. Contacts will be made with prominent people.
Hear bad news. Excessive labor occurs. Opposites arise in important matters and lose. Respect in the society will decrease. T should be in harmony with friends. Care should be taken while traveling by vehicle. Chant Om Namashivaya today for this Rasi and get good results.

Lion (Makha 1 2 3 4, Pubba1 2 3 4, Uttara 1):
They spend their time happily with their relatives. The work will be completed on time. They are mentally excited. Financial gain will occur in professional business. Long journeys will be profitable. Children will hear good news, new goods and vehicles will be bought. New activities will be initiated. Married life will be happy. Chant Guruve Namah for this Rasi today to get good results.

Virgo (Uttara 2 3 4, Hasta 1 2 3 4, Chitta 1 2):
Today will be spent happily. You will get respect and fame in the community. Dues will be collected. New items are purchased. Will spend happily with spouse. There will be financial gain in professional business. Think of schemes to increase money. New activities are initiated. Money is spent on luxury goods. All planned tasks are completed on time.Participate in dinner entertainment.New acquaintances come together. Suitable for travel. Chant Om Bhargavaya Namah for this Rasi to get auspicious results

Libra (Chitta 3 4, Swati 1 2 3 4, Visakha 1 2 3):
Difficulties arise due to unintended actions. Physical activity increases. Some news can cause emotional distress. There may be conflicts with the bandu group. He should be in harmony with his friends. Care should be taken with important items. It is better to stay away from bad friendships. Inevitably, conflicts arise. Authority pressures will increase for employees. Professional businesses are common. Avoid bad thoughts. Chant Om Durgayainamah for this Rasi today to get good results

Scorpio (Visakha 4, Anuradha 1 2 3 4, Jyeshtha 1 2 3 4):
All tasks will be completed immediately. There will be profit in professional business. New acquaintances will come together and will get favors from the authorities in the job. The prestige in the society increases. A new vehicle is purchased. All problems are solved and peace is obtained. Emotionally happy.

Sagittarius (Mula 1 2 3 4 BC Shada 1 2 3 4, U.Shada 1):

Professional trades are labor intensive. Avoid bad friendships. Unnecessary overspending can lead to suffering. There may be slight insults in the community. Conflicts arise among relatives. Negative environment in the family. New problems can arise. Adequate precautions should be taken while traveling by vehicle. Work pressure will increase in the job. One should stay away from quarrels with others. Care should be taken with important items. Chant Om Durgayi Namah for this zodiac sign today for good results.

Capricorn (U.Shada 2 3 4, Shravanam 1 2 3 4, Dhanishta 1 2):
Advice and suggestions of relatives should be taken in important tasks for solving cases and disputes. Blockages are completed gradually. The help and cooperation of the officers in the job will give peace of mind. Married life will be happy. Ground house structures are suitable. Unexpected financial gain in professional business. Your word will increase in value in the community. Chant Om Mahadevaya Namah today for auspicious results and will be physically energetic. Happiness with family members

Aquarius (Dhanishtha 3 4, Shatabhisham 1 2 3 4, P.Bhadra 1 2 3):
There may be disputes with the authorities. One should reduce anger on others and talk. Friends do not cause betrayal. There are many thoughts in the mind. There will be money gain in hard working business. You should take steps carefully in doing things. The value of words decreases in the society. Impatience creates unrest. Constraints are used to find solutions to key problems. Chant Om Mitraya Namah for good results.

Pisces (P. Bhadra 4, U. Bhadra 1 2 3 4, Revathi 1 2 3 4):

Shubhakarya Charana in the household. A happy atmosphere is created in the family. Reputation in the community will increase. Help others. Planned works will be completed on time. There may be unexpected changes in the job. Participate in spiritual activities. Focus on savings schemes. Friendships of people older than you will come together. New ideas are born. Child development brings joy. Chant Om Navadurgayi Namah to this Rasi today for auspicious results


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