Hot shapes in tight top, Srimukhi’s beautiful necklace.

First Published Feb 5, 2023, 9:06 PM IST

It is not easy to achieve star status while excelling as an anchor. Srimukhi attracts fans with her beauty and dynamism.

It is not easy to achieve star status while excelling as an anchor. Srimukhi attracts fans with her beauty and dynamism. Sreemukhi explodes with comedy punches in any show.

While anchoring on the big screen, this hot anchor hopes to shine on the silver screen as well. It is using the offers that come from time to time in movies. Srimukhi also showed her strength in Bigg Boss season 3. She has proved that she can give a tough competition anywhere.

In Bigg Boss season 3, Srimukhi and Rahul Sipliganj gave tough competition. Speculations were also heard that Sreemukhi is the first female winner in Telugu Bigg Boss. But finally Srimukhi settled with the runner-up. Rahul was the winner.

Srimukhi last acted in the lead role in the film ‘Crazy Uncles’. The film opens with adult comedy elements. Also, Sreemukhi shined in Nitin’s Maestro movie. It is known that Maestro movie was released in OTT and got success.

Srimukhi, who is active on social media, attracts boys with her hot appearance. Srimukhi has a beautiful form like a moon image. Often the photos she shares go viral.

Lately, Srimukhi has been breaking the boundaries when it comes to glamour. It seems that she decided to look not only beautiful but also hot. With this, Bulli Tera Ramulamma is creating havoc with her cleavage beauty.

Srimukhi’s glamor has opened the doors of star heroines like never before. The heat is increasing day by day. In a variety black dress, Sreemukhi once again got excited.

Showing hot shapes in her tight black top. Also, she is Thais who has rejected the boys in Srimukhi. Once again, Mind Blowing Thighs was shown and provocative actions were taken. The necklace she wears doubles Srimukhi’s beauty.

Sreemukhi’s beauty is breaking the internet. Fans are reacting to Srimukhi’s photos in the form of comments and likes. Srimukhi, who seemed a bit thin in the meantime, now seems to have become a bit plump. Even so, it seems that there is nothing to decrease in the search for beauty.

It is known that Srimukhi got a chance in Bhola Shankar’s film starring Megastar Chiranjeevi. Srimukhi is playing a pivotal role in this movie. Meher Ramesh is the director. But Srimukhi’s role is currently in suspense.


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