How is the comedy movie ‘Dochevaravarura’? can you see (Mini Review)


First Published Mar 13, 2023, 4:52 PM IST

The film “Dochevaravarura…”, directed by senior director Siva Nageswara Rao, who is known as a specialist in comedy films, came to the audience on March 11 after completing all the programs. At a time when there is a dearth of clean comedies, this funny film is entertaining all those who have seen it. Some scenes are laugh out loud while others are emotionally connecting. But R.R. It must be said that the media in R fever is not paying attention to this movie. Since this film is not released on a regular basis, it is released on Saturday, it is released in very few theaters and there is not much publicity, so people do not know that this film has been released. But the word of mouth is slowly spreading as people who have seen it like it. What is the actual story of this movie. Let’s see how the movie is.

The story line of the film is tricky. Siddu Sr. (Pranava Chandra) and Siddu Jr. (Child Artis Chakri) do thefts together. They have needs and flashbacks according to their age. Lucky (Malavika Satishan) is a software girl. She catches them stealing her jewelry. After that they become friends.

Meanwhile, Lucky Boss asks her for sexual favors. As she does not agree, he blackmails her that he will take a video of her taking a bath and put it on the internet. In that order, she plans to hack his cell phone with the help of two thieves she met. While rejoicing that the plan was successful, the boss dies among them. They fear that the police will suspect these thieves.

On the other hand, Vimal (Ajay Ghosh), a businessman based in Goa, approaches PK Satthi (Bithiri Satthi), a professional killer based in Hyderabad. Supari orders him to murder his wife Parvati (Pranavi Sadhana). Meanwhile, both the robbers flee to Goa to escape from the police. Police will come there tracing their location. From there the story takes another turn. How Siddu senior and junior escaped in this sequence. What happened to the story of the dead boss…why does Vimal want to murder his wife Parvati, what is the relationship between the killer Satti and the thief Siddu, you have to watch the movie Dochevaravarura.

Director Sivanageswara Rao entertained the crowd with a series of comedy stories like ‘One By Two, Lucky Chance, Money Money, Sisindri, Pattuchani Chhamda, Vammo Vathto O Pellama, Opanai Poda Babu, Handsup’. Later, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Sailaja Krishnamurthy, Photo, Bhukailas’, which was directed by him, was good. Recently, once again he is ready to make people laugh, “Who are the robbers?” Everyone is robbing everyone in the society. They tried to make it funny that we are selecting those who will rob us now. Those who like his kind of comedy will like this movie.

Among the actors, Ajay Ghosh played a double role as a villain and a supporting actor in key roles. Most of the story revolves around him. Prominent lyricist son Pranav Chandra is a newcomer but has done well. As the heroine, Malvika Satishan played her role neatly. Their pair is good. It seems that child artist Chakri will go to a good place. Dialogue delivery, comedy timing is good. Technically, Sivanageswara Rao’s comedy timing is still fresh. As it is a small film, the technical values ​​are corresponding to it. There is less making for a comedy film. Khallasu anni varreesu is a good song.

Can you see

As a comedy movie, this movie makes you laugh. Expecting more than that will cause trouble.

Banner : IQ Creations
Starring: Pranav Chandra, Malavika Satishan, Ajay Ghosh, Bitthiri Satthi, Tarzan, Pranathi etc.
DOP : Arli
Music by : Rohit Vardhan
Editing : Siva Y Prasad,
Music by: Rohit Vardhan – Karthik.
Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad – Sirashree-Sivanageswara Rao
Dances : Shankar – Shyam
Art Direction : Venkat- Rajasekhar
Producer: Boddu Koteswara Rao
Director: Sivanageswara Rao
Release Date : March 11, 2023

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