How many health benefits are hidden in Ugadi Green..!

Telugu New Year falls on March 22 this year. And everyone knows that Ugadi is special. Health experts say that there are many health benefits of drinking ugadi greens.

Health Benefits of Ugadi Pachadi

First Published Mar 17, 2023, 4:17 PM IST

Ugaday is a new year for Telugu people. That is why this festival is celebrated in a grand manner. Shudruchula Pachade is special for Ugadi. It is relished in six flavors sweet, sour and bitter. These six tastes reveal our emotions. This pachadi tells us to accept hardships equally like sweet and bitter. However, health experts say that drinking this green vegetable regularly has many health benefits. That is..


Kothabellam is used to prepare this green tea. Sweet represents happiness. In fact, eating ginger makes us hungry. The mind is calm. There is no one who does not like sweets. But jaggery is very beneficial for our health. It reduces pitta and vatam problems. Helps to form new cells. Sugar is a weight gainer but jaggery is not. It also does not raise blood sugar levels. However, it is better to eat it in limit.


Lentil soup made with tamarind curd makes bale tasty. Sour is also very good for our health. The tamarind is rich in green flavor. The sourness in this green indicates sadness. This means that it should be patient under any circumstances. Eating tamarind will cure phlegm. Digestive problems are reduced. Eating tamarind helps to digest food quickly. It relieves the problem of constipation.


Spicy indicates loss of patience. As far as health is concerned.. It keeps the body warm if taken in moderation. Increases metabolism. Helps in weight loss. Helps digestion. It also kills the germs in the body and keeps us healthy. No matter how many benefits of chili.. it should not be eaten in excess. Otherwise there will be many problems along with inflammation in the stomach.


It represents taste and fear. But salt is not all good for our body.. It increases our digestive power and keeps us healthy. It also causes hunger. But too much salt can cause more harm than good. Because eating salt in excess can cause gas, acidity and kidney problems.


Neem flower is also used in Ugadi Pachadi. This taste is a sign of our suffering. But neem is very good for our health. It removes waste from our body. Purifies the blood. It also helps in weight loss. So don’t eat too much of it.


Mangoes ripen only in summer. But these are also put in Ugadi Pachadi. That is not all the benefits of mangoes for our health. These make the body strong. Keeps the body warm. Increases immunity. Reduces body inflammation. Eating too much of these can cause intestinal problems.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2023, 4:17 PM IST

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