Husband sacrificed for dog.. Wife put Mogud up for adoption.. This is the viral message

A woman bought her husband a puppy as a surprise gift. But, knowing that her husband doesn’t like dogs, a message is going viral on social media. However, the message says that the adopted dog is not the dog but the husband. This message is going viral on the net.

woman put husband adoption keeps dog in a viral message, netizens react vividly kms

First Published Feb 25, 2023, 3:30 PM IST

New Delhi: An ad-like message is going viral on social media. His wife bought him a dog as a surprise gift. But, later she found out that her husband is allergic to dogs. What to do? fell into a dilemma. Couldn’t let go of the dog. At the same time, she wanted to get rid of her husband. That’s why she adopted her husband for the dog. Leaving aside the extent of truth in this, this message is going viral.

This message is doing the rounds on WhatsApp and Twitter with the title “I need a house immediately”. So let’s see what is in that message. The message was written by a female friend named Sonali.

A house is urgently needed. If anyone is interested.. Its name is Leo. A two-month-old German Shepherd dog. My friend Sonali bought it for Rs. 20 thousand and bought it. She wanted to give it as a surprise gift to her husband. But later she learned that her husband Gaurav does not like dogs. Sonali is now looking to adopt. If anyone is interested.. *Gaurav is 29 years old*, can ride a bike, can also cook, has some good qualities. That message is written that he is handsome.

A photo of the puppy was also attached to this message.

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Various comments are coming on Twitter on this message. First I thought that the dog was being adopted.. Did the husband put it up for adoption? A user was surprised. Another said that the dog proved to be worth more than the man, and that the husband was angry. Another commented that he heard that a situation like a dog would arise after marriage.

Last Updated Feb 25, 2023, 3:30 PM IST

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