Hyderabad: The road suddenly collapsed in Chadarghat.. Locals ran, police on alert

In Hyderabad, the road has once again collapsed. A big pothole hit the main road of Chadarghat. The GHMC officials were alerted by the formation of a pothole in the middle of the road. Barricades were arranged immediately. Due to the alert of the police, a big accident was averted.

A few days ago, people panicked as the road collapsed in Himayatnagar as well. The road in Stanika Street No. 5 collapsed suddenly. As a result, the truck parked in that area sank ten feet deep. Two people were injured in this incident. On the other hand, due to the accident, the vehicular traffic in the area is also being hampered. Police and GHMC personnel reached the spot after receiving the information.

If not.. Last year in December, Goshamahal in Chaknavadi also sagged. Cars, autos, two-wheelers and shops fell in this nala. Many people were injured in this incident. Locals say that this canal collapsed in 1980s and 1990s as well. Afsar Sagar, Darussalam, Chaknawadi, Goshamahal Police Stadium, Usmanganj, Gouliguda will flow the dirty water through this canal into Moosi river. Officials say that the canal has collapsed due to the encroachment of constructions on it at will.


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