I cried alone in the room for months… NTR heroine revealed her emotional distress

While the career was going on successfully, unexpected problems surrounded Mamata Mohandas. She finally revealed the mental crisis she experienced during that process.

ntr heroine mamta mohandas opens up the pain she went through

First Published Feb 20, 2023, 7:34 AM IST

Mamata Mohan Das is also known to the Telugu audience. She has teamed up with a top star like NTR. Earlier Mamata Mohan Das was affected by cancer. Cancer attacked her twice. However, they fought and stood. Freed from deadly disease. Mamata Mohan Das revealed that she defeated cancer with diet and exercise. If she thinks that the cancer is gone, another problem awaits her.

Mamata Mohan Das suffered from auto-immune. It led to vitiligo. For heroines who love beauty more than life, vitiligo is akin to suicide. Mamata Mohan Das revealed in a recent interview about the mental agony after knowing that.

I noticed spots on Mahesh Marutiyam while shooting. They spread over the face, hands and neck. Tests revealed vitiligo. When I got cancer, I told my friends and relatives about my problem. Everyone supported me. I could not reveal about this disease. I became lonely. The only one who sits and cries. Lung problem occurred while using medicine. So I reduced the medication.

Always in front of the camera, I couldn’t bear the loneliness. I was afraid of dying. I immediately let everyone know about the vitiligo that I contracted. Then there was some calm. Now if someone asks what happened to you… I will tell you to look at my Instagram, said Mamata Mohan Das with confidence.

Mamata Mohan Das played the second heroine role in Yamadonga movie. A song was sung by himself along with NTR. Mamata Mohan Das is also a professional singer. Acted with King Nagarjuna in KD and King films. And in the movie Chintakayala Ravi, which was made by Venkatesh as the hero, Mamata Mohan Das made another heroine along with Anushka.

Last Updated Feb 20, 2023, 7:34 AM IST

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