I didn’t want to cause pain and I did it because I was in pain… Sanjayshi is the heroine for Allu Arjun fans

Heroine Bhanushree Mehra came into limelight with her Twitter post. Allu Arjun accused me of blocking me.

Heroine bhanusri mehra gives explanation to hero allu arjun fans

First Published Mar 19, 2023, 5:48 PM IST

It’s been a long time since Telugu audience forgot Bhanushree Mehra who acted opposite hero Allu Arjun in Varudu movie. Suddenly she was in the news. Allu Arjun blocked her on Twitter because of this. She acted in Nenu Varudu movie with hero Allu Arjun. He blocked me. I did not get any significant offers. He commented that he is moving forward in search of happiness in the face of difficulties. Allu Arjun shared a screenshot showing proof that he was blocked.

Shortly after Bhanushree Mehra’s post, Allu Arjun unblocked her. She made another tweet stating this. Glad Allu Arjun unblocked me. Allu Arjun is in no way responsible for my failures. I did not blame him for that, he commented. Bhanushree’s behavior angered Allu Arjun’s fans. They trolled her and made negative comments.

In this order, she once again gave an explanation as a social media platform. I have no intention to hurt Allu Arjun fans. I am also his fan. I made a post because I was in some trouble. She tweeted that there is nothing more than that. Bhanushree’s tweet went viral. The reason is not known but the said photo was deleted by Bhanushree Mehra. Why did Allu Arjun block Bhanushree? The reason will be debated. Inevitably, doubts are coming to the fore that Allu Arjun will not do the job.

In 2010, Bhanushree became the heroine with the movie Varudu. Varudu Disaster directed by Gunasekhar. There was no Nath who cared about Bhanushree with that blow. In fact, there was a lot of discussion on this heroine. Bhanushree was not revealed in the posters till the release. Aadi movie got good publicity. The movie made a difference. She is pushing her career by doing films intermittently.

Last Updated Mar 19, 2023, 5:48 PM IST

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