I have a crush on him since my school days… Feeling jealous even after 22 years..!

Anasuya finally tells who her crush is. For 22 years, she has expressed her love for me by saying that he is my crush. Anasuya participated in an online chat with fans. On this occasion, a netizen asked her an interesting question.

anchor anasuya finally reveals her crush says from last 22 years the same person

First Published Feb 24, 2023, 6:14 PM IST

Anasuya participated in an online chat with fans. On this occasion, a netizen asked her an interesting question. madam do you have a crush on someone? If so, who is it? Anasuya replied, “I have had a crush on him (Bhardwaj) for 22 years. It’s the same, it’s both difficult and happy.” 37-year-old Anasuya has had a crush on her husband since she was 22… when did they actually get married? Doubts may arise.

Anasuya is a lover’s marriage. Her love affair with Bhardwaj started during her school days. It is not the same school or college again. Anasuya NCC Cadet. Bharadwaj also did NCC. Both met in a camp. That acquaintance turned into love. Anasuya-Bhardwaj have been in love for years. Their parents stopped their love. After waiting for the approval of the elders, they got married. Thus they met 22 years ago. His first love and last love is Bharadwaje. It is said that he is jealous of my crush.

In this chat, Anasuya also responded on many interesting topics. O fan if you are really a liberal, matured woman answer my question. Have you ever had similar experiences with lesbians? asked. Anasuya responded to this question. ‘There are homosexuals in our family and friends. But personally I have not had such experiences with lesbians. They commented that they have experienced it many times online.

I don’t have sex with straight lesbians. But Anasuya said that they met online. It is an unexpected consequence to say that there are gays in our family and friends. And Anasuya led to the biggest debate by saying that she had lesbian experiences online. In this chat, Anasuya also made accusations against television shows. Someone asked when will you return to television as an anchor?

If the makers do shameful stunts for TRP, I will not come. It was revealed that I would probably never do anchoring again as it was a no-brainer. In this chat, Anasuya expressed her reaction on social media trolling and serious matters. Meanwhile, Anasuya is getting trolled a lot. She is taking steps at the same level. If you behave out of bounds, you are complicating in cyber crime. It is remarkable that many people have already been arrested by Anasuya. On the other hand, Anasuya is busy with a handful of movies and series. It can be said that her career is currently at its peak.

Last Updated Feb 24, 2023, 6:14 PM IST

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