If the suspension is lifted, there is no intention to contest the elections as an independent candidate: Rajasingh

Goshamahal MLA Rajasingh said that if the suspension imposed on him by the BJP leadership is not lifted, he will stay away from contesting in the next election but will not contest as an independent candidate.

Will not contest poll if suspension not lifted party Raja Singh, Telangana - bsb

First Published Mar 1, 2023, 8:47 AM IST

Hyderabad: Goshamahal MLA Rajasingh has given clarity about his contesting in the next elections. He said that he hopes that the BJP leadership will remove the suspension imposed on him. Raja Singh said that he is confident that the administration will lift the suspension till the time of elections. He said that if the suspension imposed on him is not lifted, he will stay away from contesting in the next election. Moreover, he said that he has no intention of contesting as an independent candidate rather than from the BJP.

In this regard, Raja Singh gave interviews to several news organizations on Tuesday. These things were said in this order. He said that he likes Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah a lot and is a big fan of them. He has made it clear that he has no intention of going against the BJP party. He said that he has the blessings of not only central leaders but also top BJP leaders of the state including Kishan Reddy, Laxman, Bandi Sanjay.

2017 model bullet proof vehicle for Rajasingh.. Officials took it to the house.. MLA Emannarante..

Meanwhile, it is known that Goshamahal MLA Rajasingh is moving around on a bullet cart. He left his bullet proof car in front of the Pragati Bhavan gate in protest against the fact that the Telangana government is not changing it, even though he is barking repeatedly. At that time, he came to the assembly meetings on his bullet cart.. protested in an innovative way.. attracted everyone’s attention. Currently, Telangana government has allotted another bullet proof vehicle to Rajasingh.

Rajasingh took it to the attention of Chief Minister KCR, DGP and Home Minister that his bullet proof vehicle stopped many times.. coming for repairs. However, with no result, he eventually abandoned his vehicle. On Monday, the government provided another bullet vehicle to Raja Singh. It is noteworthy that this vehicle is a 2017 model. Raja Singh responded to this.

“It is known that a white bullet proof vehicle was left near our house in Dulpet. I have just left Srisailam for Hyderabad. I will go straight home. After leaving, I will check the condition of the vehicle once. I have no urge to get a new car. It is enough if the vehicle is in good condition’, he said.

Meanwhile, on February 11, BJP MLA Rajasingh left the bullet-proof vehicle. It is known that the bullet proof vehicle allotted to BJP MLA Rajasingh has been accused many times of being stubborn and not walking. This vehicle has already stopped three times on the road. Rajasingh had earlier asked the government to change the bullet-proof vehicle allotted to him in this order. But there was no result.

Last Updated Mar 1, 2023, 8:57 AM IST

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