If YCP wins again..JC brothers will have to beg: MLA Peddareddy’s comments

Anantapur district Tadipatri YCP MLA Ketireddy Peddareddy made sensational comments addressing the JC brothers. He commented that if YCP wins in 2024 elections, JC brothers will have to beg in Tadipatri. Ketireddy expressed his anger that JC was distributing pamphlets while he was doing padayatra. He warned that if illegal cases are filed against him and his family members, the price will start from your home. The MLA said that JC Prabhakar Reddy is claiming to be a bully and every YCP worker and leader is a bully. Peddareddy warned that action should be taken against the cases against JC’s brothers, otherwise he would stage a dharna in front of the SP office.

At the same time, Dharmavaram MLA Kethireddy Venkatramireddy criticized the Nara Lokesh Padayatra. Lokesh asked how many more people he would sacrifice in his padayatra. Lokesh, who can’t even remember pulses, is criticized for criticizing them. Ketireddy said that if you want to do politics in Tadipatri, you have to fight with a sword. Wherever Chandrababu steps, there will be famine.

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A few days ago, Ketireddy Peddareddy made sensational comments. If the police are afraid of Jaycee Brothers, they want to declare a special zone like Kashmir and appoint a special officer. He said that it has become a corner between the leaders in Tadipatri. The police were asked why the Jaycee Brothers were a fad. JC Prabhakar Reddy questioned what the police unions are doing if they are criticizing the police. Is JC Prabhakar Redde President of Police Unions? They were angry with the police.


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