If you go to meet your girlfriend late at night.. She married you and sent you away.. What happened?

Bihar: A young man fell into the trap of forced marriage for love. He secretly went to meet his girlfriend, and in the eyes of the villagers, not only did he undergo body cleansing, but also married her and sent her away. This incident came to light in Bihar. If we go into the full details of this… a young man fell in love with a young woman from his neighboring village. Both of them used to meet secretly at midnight without anyone knowing. Also that day also he walked 12 kilometers with great effort to meet his girlfriend.

But that night.. the previous nights did not pass. It remains a terrible night in his life. He met the villagers. He was beaten to death. In the end.. he went to meet his girlfriend.. and got married. The incident took place in a bank in Bihar. It has now become a local topic of discussion. Subhash Das, a young man from Shambhuganj in Banka district, fell in love with Sunaina, a young woman from the neighboring village of Shambhuganj.

Auto overturned.. Friends who left the boy’s body in the underpass, three arrested..

Both of them used to meet whenever possible. In this order, on Sunday night too, Subhash Das walked 12 kilometers to meet his girlfriend and reached her village. The two met on the bank of the canal. The villagers noticed them while they were alone. Soon they were caught red-handed. The young man was crushed. The girlfriend who could not bear to see that stopped them. She told him that there is nothing wrong with him and that she also loves him and asked him to come.

Hearing that, the villagers immediately called his parents in the middle of the night. He was called to come to the village. The girl’s parents were also asked to come. After that both the families were seated.. Panchayat was held in the village Shiva temple. Since it has come so far, he said that both of them should get married. Both families agreed to do something about it. In the presence of hundreds of villagers, Subhash Das tied the knot around Sunaina’s neck and made her his wife. As the story has a happy ending, Shubham card fell without going to the police.


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