In another controversy, Balakrishna… demand an apology!

Balayya became the care of address for controversies. His inappropriate comments are causing outrage. Balayya faced many accusations within days. Balakrishna, who participated in an interview as part of Veerasimha Reddy’s promotions, ‘Deva Brahmins Guru Devara Maharishi. Their leader is Ravanasura’ he commented. The Devanga caste rejected these comments. Balayya denigrated the Devanga caste by distorting history. He demanded an apology.

Balayya apologized in this matter. He gave a long explanation that the comments were made without knowledge but there was no intention to offend. With that, the fight was settled. In the days that it happened, another controversy was opened. Veerasimha Reddy made controversial comments at the success meet saying ‘Akkineni tinineni’. ANNR fans got serious on Balayya’s comments. They protested by burning the effigy of Balayya. Balakrishna insulted ANnar and demanded an apology.

Balakrishna supported his comments in this regard. For that matter, no one admires and respects ANNAR more than me. He also said that he is a fan of me. He said that I have no intention of insulting ANNAR. Recently, the nurses objected to Balakrishna’s comments. Balakrishna spoke insultingly to nurses on the stage of Unstoppable show. In the past too, Balayya made inappropriate comments on nurses. He demanded to take back his words and apologize.

The President of Andhra Pradesh Nurses Welfare Association has issued an ultimatum to this effect. Let’s see what kind of explanation Balakrishna gives on this controversy. Currently he is busy with monitoring Tarakaratna’s health. There are reports that Tarakaratna is being taken abroad for better treatment. Balayya seems to have given a break to the shooting of his 108th film due to Tarakaratna’s illness.


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