In Maharashtra, people are saying who KCR is.. VRSE is left for BRS: Bandi Sanjay

State BJP president Bandi Sanjay criticized Telangana Chief Minister KCR. He satires that if he goes to Maharashtra, who will ask KCR. Sanjay commented that TRS, BRS.. VRSS is left. BRS is a looting party, family rule. Bandi Sanjay said that it is the BJP government that is creating 18 lakh jobs this year. He said that 22 notifications were given in Telangana but not a single job was given. Bandi Sanjay expressed his anger that the unemployment benefit and farmer loan waiver were kept aside.

A few days ago Bandi Sanjay said in Delhi that all those who won in the Congress party joined the BRS. Bandi Sajani believes that the situation will be the same this time as well. Bandi Sanjay accused that if you vote for Congress, you will vote for BRS. He asked why KCR is afraid if they don’t get a single seat. He said that KCR formed BRS because he was afraid of his party.

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Bandi Sanjay said that Congress and BRS who are afraid of BJP will contest together. Bandi Sanjay also reminded that the Congress party did not speak a single word about KCR in the Telangana assembly meetings. He said that these two parties have made it their job to insult Modi in the Assembly. Bandi Sanjay responded to questions from media persons on KCR’s repeated mention of Etala Rajender’s name in the Assembly. KCR has lost his mind. He said that KCR is under the illusion that Etala Rajender is still in BRS. Sanjay accused the Congress party of being the B team of the BRS.


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