In Uttarandhra, a rebuke to the YCP. TDP’s stalwart Chiranjeevi Rao won as MLC…


First Published Mar 18, 2023, 6:51 AM IST

Visakhapatnam: TDP has won Uttarandhra in the elections for the Legislative Council graduate seats in Andhra Pradesh. She won both of the three graduate seats in the council. TDP candidate Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao has won hugely in place of Uttarandhra graduates. Apart from this, TDP candidate Kancharla Srikanth won in East Rayalaseema Legislative Council election. In West Rayalaseema, the fierce battle between TDP and YCP continues.

If we go into the details related to these, it is known that the voting was held for the MLC positions of AP and Telangana graduates. Counting of these is going on. In this order, the TDP flag has become obsolete in the place of Uttarandhra in AP. TDP candidate Chiranjeevi Rao secured 90 percent of the votes required for victory in the first preference. The rest of the votes were secured in the second preference. 94,509 Kota votes are required to win the Uttarandhra seat. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi Rao got 82,958 votes in the first preference.

AP MLC Results: Shock for YCP..Kancharla Srikanth’s victory in East Rayalaseema..TDP ranks celebrate

11,551 more votes are required to declare victory for Chiranjeevi Rao. 33 independents are contesting from this seat. TDP candidate Chiranjeevi Rao got the majority of second preference votes for them and BJP candidate Madhav. Here, PDF candidate Ramaprabha, who stood at the third place, received nearly 18,000 votes, while Chiranjeevi Rao got the required quota of votes for victory. With this, it has been decided that he will win in the second preference votes as well. After that, a certificate was given and this success was officially announced.

In this order, a fierce fight took place between TDP and YCP. While TDP candidate Chiranjeevi Rao got 94,509 quota votes, YCP candidate Sudhakar got 59,644 quota votes. And the counting of votes for the first Prime Minister started from five o’clock in the evening on Thursday. Even since then TDP candidate Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao and YCP candidate Seetam Raju Sudhakar did not give a tough contest at any stage. TDP candidate is leading from the first round.

A total of 2,01,335 votes were cast here. These are counted in eight rounds. The TDP candidate got 41.20% of the first preference votes and the YCP candidate 27.25%. There is a difference of 13.95% between the two. Along with sitting MLC BJP candidate Madhav, who contested from the same seat, 34 other people did not get their deposits either.

TDP candidate Kancharla Srikanth has won in East Rayalaseema Legislative Council graduate elections. Counting of votes continued for the second day in Chittoor SVSET College on Friday. A total of 2,69,339 votes were cast here. This counting was done in seven rounds. This includes 20,979 invalid votes…

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