India has never been insulted on foreign soil… Stories are changing…: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi: The Congress leader who spoke to the Indian Journalists Association in London said that he had never insulted India on foreign soil in the wake of a big uproar over Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Cambridge University. Gandhi’s remarks at Cambridge University that India’s democracy is under attack and that several politicians including himself are under surveillance, sparked a political uproar as the BJP accused him of defaming India. Responding to BJP’s criticism, Rahul Gandhi said that India has never been insulted on foreign soil. It’s just that the narratives are changing.

“There was nothing in my Cambridge lecture to denigrate India. Finally, I remember the Prime Minister going abroad and announcing that nothing has been done in the 70 years since independence. I remember him saying that 10 years have passed. There is rampant corruption in India. These are not the things he said in India. These are the things he said abroad. The things said,” said Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi said, “I have never insulted my country. Not interested in that.. Never will. BJP likes to twist my words. But it doesn’t matter. Media likes to play it because of TRP. But the only person who insults India when he goes abroad is the Indian PM,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Didn’t you hear his speech that nothing has happened in 70 years? Every Indian is insulted? Every Indian parent and grandparent is insulted. If that is not an insult, what is it? What is the condition of all those who have built and worked for India in these ten years,” asked Rahul Gandhi. It is alleged that because there is money behind this story, a different story is taking shape. In his Cambridge speech, Rahul Gandhi said that India’s democracy is under attack and the government is attacking institutions including the judiciary and media. He said that Prime Minister Modi is destroying the structure of India and is pushing ideas that India cannot digest. Rahul Gandhi alleged that the intelligence officers told him that he had Pegasus on his phone and was tracking his calls.

The Congress has launched a counter-attack as the BJP is heavily criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s comments. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh criticized the BJP’s behavior on Twitter.





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