Inhumanity in Palnadu district.

The inhumane incident came to light in Palnadu district. A Kamandha committed violence against a deranged minor girl.

Man Raped A 13 Year Old Mentally Challenged Girl in Palnadu

First Published Mar 12, 2023, 8:50 AM IST

Palnadu: No matter how many laws the government has made to protect women like Disha and Nirbhaya, even though the police have taken measures like She Teams, Disha Police Stations etc., the atrocities are not stopping. . Recently in Andhra Pradesh, the inhumanity of a girl who was raped by a lustful man came to light.

A 13-year-old girl from Nemalikallu village, Amaravati mandal, Palnadu district, is not in a good mental condition. Seeing that girl, all the villagers felt sorry for her and said, “Oh, what a sin.” His father’s age called him Chinnari Babai. But he set his eyes on a girl of his daughter’s age.

Last Friday, when no one was at home, Mastan tricked the girl. He took the girl to his house nearby and raped her. But the girl told how Mastan behaved with her when her parents came home. As a result, the parents realized that their daughter was being abused. The family members filed a complaint with the Amaravati police.

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The police took the brutality of the innocent girl seriously. Sattenapalli DSP himself stepped into the field and went to Nemalikallu and took up the investigation. Police have already registered a case against the accused. The villagers are angry with Mastan for abusing a child of his daughter’s age. The residents of Nemalikallu are asking the police to punish him severely.

Recently, a similar incident took place in Konaseema district. The two brothers together not only raped the demented woman but also killed her in the worst way and finally caused the suicide of Kanna’s mother. This incident came to light in Someswaram area of ​​Rayavaram Mandal.

Recently, a man named Dwarampudi Gangaraju of Machavaram Gudu Manyam Colony informed the police that his daughter Satyaveni, who was not in a good mental condition, left the house and did not return. In the same vein, on the 24th of last month, the body of a woman was found in a burnt condition in a hayloft in Someswaram and the police identified it as Satyavenidi. Nallamilli Umamaheswar Reddy and Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy, two brothers of the village, were found to have raped and killed her. However, after the murder, the accused’s mother, who was running away, committed suicide and the police arrested the brothers who came to see the body.

Last Updated Mar 12, 2023, 9:00 AM IST

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