Inquiry into Khadeen Khan’s death in High Court.. Order to CS to file counter..

It is known that Telangana High Court has accepted the death case of Qadir Khan from Medak district as sumoto. A hearing was held today in this regard in the High Court. During the investigation, the High Court ordered the government to explain the death of Qadir Khan. Also, the High Court ordered the Chief Secretary to the Government, Chief Secretary of the Home Department, DGP, Medak SP, Medak DSP and SHO to file a counter. The next hearing in this regard has been postponed to March 14.

Medak police arrested Qadir Khan on 29th of last month for his involvement in chain snatching case. He was arrested when he went to a relative’s house in Yakut Pura, Hyderabad. After being released from police custody, Qadir was admitted to the hospital. However, Qadir Khan has been accused of brutally torturing him in police custody. A video has been released to this effect. Later, he lost his life on Thursday while undergoing treatment at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad. As the family members expressed concern over this, on Saturday, police officials promised to investigate and take disciplinary action against some of the policemen involved.

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However, the events that took place before Qadir’s death raised many suspicions, and the behavior of the police was severely criticized. In the background of the allegations that Qadir Khan of Medak died when the police could not withstand the beatings, the High Court took the news stories that appeared in the media as a matter of course and accepted the inquiry.


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