Interesting … ‘Falana boy – Falana girl’ release trailer!

‘Uhalu Gusugusalade’ and ‘Jyo Achyutananda’, which came in the combination of Srinivas Avarsala-Nagashaurya, remain cult classics. Although these two films did not achieve huge commercial success, these are memorable films. Now again after seven years, a new age love story called Falana boy Falana girl has been opened in their union. The director and producers hope that it will go viral.

The posters, teasers and songs that have already been released from this movie have impressed the audience tremendously. There is a good buzz about this movie especially among the family audience. The makers have recently released the trailer of this movie. The story of the movie is told in the trailer itself. It is clear from the trailer itself that the movie will show how the love between the hero and heroines will be at different ages. The latest release trailer has been released. This trailer is getting good response.
This trailer, which is cut on a scene where the hero is suspicious, is impressive. This movie looks like a story of love .. marriage .. waves .. comforting. Songs composed by Kalyani Malik have already become very popular. The film will hit the screens tomorrow. Being Srinivas Vasarala’s mark movie, the positive buzz started right from the title.

Kalyani Malik’s background music gives a good feel. Especially Sunil Kumar’s cinematography is very good. Malavika Nair will act opposite Naga Shaurya in this movie which is being made as a rom-com entertainer. TG Vishwaprasad and Padmaja Dasari jointly produced this movie under the banners of People Media Factory and Dasari Productions. This movie is going to be released on March 17. It remains to be seen how this film will turn out.


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