Is Sandeep Kishan’s overconfidence on `Michael’? Pan India experiment utter flop?


First Published Feb 8, 2023, 7:01 PM IST

Young hero Sandeep Kishan recently appeared before the audience with the film ‘Michael’. This is a periodical movie based on the story of a gangster. Produced by Ranjith Jayakodi, a Tamil director. Produced by Asian Cinemas. It was made as a pan India movie. It was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, dubbed in Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam and released pan India.

Although ‘Michael’ was screened pan-Indian, it did not create any buzz before its release. Along with this, the pre-release business is also in loss. This movie, which came to the theaters, met with disappointment from the first show. Although it was made as a periodical action movie, the audience did not care much. Due to that, originality is missing in the movie. Soul and emotions are missing. Although there is a love story, there is no feeling in it. The audience rejected it. It is noteworthy that Telugu is better than others, but there is no audience in other languages.

A love story has been included in this movie which mainly revolves around gangster. But it didn’t work out. Besides, watching this movie reminds me of many old movies. The whole flavor of the movie is like “KGF”. The entire growth of Sandeep Kishan is in the screenplay of “KGF”. The climax is similar to “Vikram”. In other words, scene by scene is like raising. Apart from this, some “Pushpa” scenes, as well as Hindi movie “Deewar” and many Hollywood films have been downloaded in it. The audience who came out of the theater also expressed the same opinion.

As a result, the originality is missing except that Sandeep Kishan has done it in those movies. This is the big minus of the movie. Moreover, the background voice in the movie is said about Michael in the range of Aho Oho. But there is no ease in the character, no heroism. The opinion is coming from the audience that Sandeep Kishan is not set according to the role. However, being a universal concept, Sandeep wanted to make a film like this in the background of the recent popularity of similar themed films. This is his idea and the director has prepared the story according to it. Sandeep Kishan directed the film as he wanted. But he said that there are no emotions except for the scenes and the soul is missing. This gives the impression that Sandeep’s experiment is upside down.

In fact, Sandeep Kishan has not had a hit of the level of ‘Venkatadri Express’ till now. There is no break in terms of career, he is grabbing his career by doing films consecutively. “A1X Press” and “Ninu Vidani Needanu Nene” films are better. But Sandeep, who did not have a proper hit, surprised everyone by doing a Pan India experiment together. In terms of the content of the story, it should be a Pan India film, but not by force, the opinion is heard from the social media and the general audience. With this, Sandeep Kishan’s pan India experiment became an utter flop show.

Meanwhile, Sandeep Kishan spoke as part of the promotion of the film and revealed his belief in the film. In other words, they are overconfident. It is impossible for this movie to flop. He said that no matter how low it is, it will be average and there is no chance of flop. But the result of the movie is completely different. About ten crores have been spent on this film. Made with a huge cast like Vijay Sethupathi, Gautham Menon and Varalakshmi. It is said that the pre-release business is five crores and the OTT rights have gone for crores. Looking at the collections, the unit has announced that the movie has collected around ten crores gross. But the talk actually stopped at five to six crores. That is why they say that there is no sound from the team regarding this. In any case, it is said to win the house and win the ruckus. But Sandeep tried to win Racha without winning the house. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was overturned. The audience and his fans are of the opinion that it would be better if he does content-based films from now on.

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