It doesn’t matter if you fail in your studies or fail in Tenth. If you do this business per month Rs. 1 lakh remaining chance


First Published Mar 8, 2023, 5:03 PM IST

With the changing times, there have been many changes in the way of life of people, the way of celebrating festivals and the way of getting married. Nobody has much time to work these days. When it comes to weddings, there is no situation where all the relatives come home for a week and do all the work. It is almost impossible to do wedding work in these busy days. Wedding planners have come into the market for such people. Wedding planning companies take care of food menu, decoration etc. A person who plans the entire wedding is called a wedding planner. This is a good business opportunity.

A wedding planner plays a very important role in making preparations for a grand wedding. Special attention is given to everything from small to big matters related to the wedding. Wedding planners take care of all the preparations from wedding planning to food and decorations. Over the past few years, the demand for wedding planners in India has grown exponentially.

Nowadays people exclusively hire wedding planners to plan the entire wedding in a professional manner. If you are also thinking of starting your business, you can start working as a wedding planner during the upcoming wedding season. So let us tell you some special things about this business.

Start a business like this,
Nowadays many youths are choosing it as a great career option. The demand for wedding planners in India is also increasing rapidly. If you want to start its business, first you can do a professional course for it. Apart from this, you can also provide information about this to the wedding planner.

For this task, you can make an office at home. Apart from this, people have to be approached for sweets, wedding decorations and other items. This work can be done on commission basis. To start a wedding business, you can also contact people who are already involved in this work. To get more profit in business, you can buy DJ sound system some tent house accessories.

Business Ideas: Women can earn Rs. This is the business that earns up to 1 lakh.

How much is the investment?
When you meet a customer, first know their budget. This business can be started on a small scale with an investment of just Rs.5 lakh. After profit, you can make this business bigger.

How much is the income?
By deducting all the wedding expenses, a profit of around 50 thousand to one lakh rupees can be made on each wedding. This profit increases further in big party, wedding etc.

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