IT officers who made Neeraj sweat.. Are you shocked to hear Swamiji’s words?

Neeraj says that at the beginning of the episode, I was worried about whether we could properly convey all the information to the IT officers who were prepared. Zende says let us manage somehow. Mansi gets worried saying that I have bought a lot of gold in the house and where will all this go?

On the other hand, Anjali asks Arya why she always maintains mass. Arya says social responsibility. Anjali says you are the best example of Mr. Perfect. IT officers are also checking in the office. Anjali comes inside and sees that they are shocked, what is the weather like this? Anjali says.

Arya understands the situation and says IT rights. Police asks who is Anjali going inside. Anjali Group of Companies MD. Anjali says she needs to meet Neeraj. Police say that IT rights are happening and now we will not allow anyone. Anjali asks if my company will also have to face similar problems in future.

But Arya will not be there already. The IT officer keeps deposing Neeraj and says that the dealing papers related to the three lands are not proper and the signatures are also mismatched. If the registration is not proper, it means that you have bought the occupied land by giving a bribe to someone, he gets confused.

The officer says that there is a lot of unbilled gold in your house too, you have to answer or else I will seize it all. All this will be dealt by my brother-in-law, we will just manage, says Mansi. But the power of attorney is in the name of Neeraj Vardhan. The officer says he should answer that. Unable to answer it, Neeraj’s couple gets tensed.

On the other hand, Anu asks her mother if she is coming to see me in the name of God. Bujjamma says, I have prayed to God to end all your troubles and that is why I am coming. I also wish to have no complications during the birth of the baby. Sir, it’s time to come, let’s go.

A teacher tells her that if both of them keep coming and going, it is Shivayya’s duty to fulfill your part until you lose hope. Bhujamma asks Swami how many more days my child will have to suffer. Your desire not to give birth to a child in the eighth hour is a nightmare.

If that happens, it will be an eighth block for your life. Pray to God that it doesn’t happen. Swami says that the same thing will be your shield of protection. Anu gets confused saying Rajnandini. Swami leaves from there saying that there is light behind the darkness for the kangaroo pada wait for that light. Bujjamma dares her daughter by saying don’t panic and trust that Lord.

Bujjamma will take a stick to God if he saves my daughter. IT officers say that we are giving you five days time, we need proper answers before this, till then no office work can be done. Arya is observing all this from behind the window. Mansi says we will not accept much loss to the company if there is no work for five days.

Officer says you don’t have that choice. Meanwhile, Jende notices Arya, give me five minutes. Zende comes out telling the officers that all your questions will be answered. Just then Anjali comes to Arya and says let’s go now we will come later, just then Jende comes and greets Anjali. Anjali says the situation is tough.

Due to the absence of Arya Vardhan, it will be difficult to give an explanation related to some files. Zende says he doesn’t understand who should take help. Anand says can you help me in any way, Anjali says Ma Anand garu is the best. Jende asks if Anand can help us. Go Anand those who gave us the project are in trouble.

Anjali sends Arya saying that only if their company is good then our company will be good. Arya comes in and gives answers convincing all the officers. Arya says that the parties on the other side cheated in dealings related to resorts and we have also filed a complaint for that. Jende says I will put FIR copy in front of you in an hour.

Arya says I will submit the bills for the gold found in the house along with the taxes today. Working Group of Companies Turnover 19 Crores. We will submit the taxes for each small department and the records related to them are all in locker number 214. There are total 32 accountants for each department.

Also, all the income accounts of the last ten years can be checked in locker number five not four, which means he will give full clarification. Everyone stares. It is a business empire with values. Arya says that there is no wrong in this company. Arya says are there any doubts. Although MD of Rajnandini Textiles, signatures of Anuradha are missing on some files.

The officer says that we need clarity whether these have reached her attention or not, so she should give the clarification. Mansi says she is pregnant by now. If you have your examinations, we have our rules and we have to follow them, they say. Jende says I will take it, give me some time.

Arya tells Neeraj that Anjali should not see Anjali until Anu comes and completes all the formalities here. Neeraj says I will manage. Mansi goes to Anjali saying I will take care of that. Anjali gets worried and asks if everything is fine. Mansi says everything is fine, some tiles are still being checked. Anjali says I know if my Guruji steps in, any problem will be solved.

Mansi says thank you for your help and let’s sit in the chamber and takes Anjali from there. On the other hand Zende goes to Anu and tells him everything that happened. On the other hand, Mansi tells Anjali that she will come in five minutes, thinking that what politics Anu is doing there, it is better for me to stay there. When Jende is brought in, the officers ask her about their doubts.

Mansi realizes the manipulations done but is careful not to reveal it in front of the officers. It gives necessary clarification to the officers. Anu says I know everything that happened here and it happened with my permission. Let’s see what happened next in tomorrow’s episode.

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