It was for that money that she caught Naresh, Suchendra, the first husband who made shocking comments on Pavitra

Pavitra made shocking comments on Lokesh.. her first husband.. Suchendra. Suchendra explains the real reasons behind her being together with Naresh. Not only that, shocking things were revealed about Pavitra.

Pavitra Lokesh First Ex Husband Suchendra Shocking Comments

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 5:17 PM IST

Things related to Pavitri-Naresh are going viral from time to time. In the meantime, they have done some work and are often in the news. Naresh, who released a video of his marriage with Pavitri, gave another twist by saying that it was a promotional video. The netizens were furious. They trolled the people asking if they want to make fools of them. Naresh and Pavitra are becoming a news item in some way in this episode.

These two stars who are currently living together.. The news that they will get married soon has gained momentum. Naresh, who has already created a sensation by getting married three times, was living with Pavitra Lokesh before he got divorced from his third wife Ramya Raghupathi. It seems that Pavitra also had two marriages. The matter of these two has become a big sensation in Tollywood. Another news about these two is going viral now.

Cohabitation… In the case of multiple marriages, there are those who criticize both of them.. there are also those who support them. But in the case of Pavitra, she mostly faces opposition from her first husband. I don’t know why.. If he gets a chance, he gets angry with Pavitra.. Revealing things related to her.. Suchendra is making viral comments. Every time he makes horrible comments about Pavitra. Suchendra Prasad recently got angry about Pavitra once again. He said..Pavitra likes luxury life very much. She will do anything for it. She was fired for being an opportunist.

Especially in the case of Naresh, her plan is different. Suchendra made shocking comments saying that Naresh is following Naresh with the evil intention of getting rid of Vijaya Nirmala’s property of 1500 crores. She still divorced both for money. But Naresh is still not aware of this matter. One day he will know. He said that the day will come when even the holy money will make sense to him.

Not only that, Pavitri’s first husband Suchendra made shocking comments saying that she would meet Naresh when she had money. His comments are now going viral. And how they react in this matter is to be seen.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 5:17 PM IST

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