It’s not always good to laugh…it’s good to cry too…!

When our mind is happy we laugh and when we are sad we cry. But tears don’t come every time you cry. Sometimes tears come even when happiness is too much. Apart from this… most of us think that our life should always be happy and tears should never come. But…. experts say that crying is also good.

Benefit of crying : Bacteria in our eyes are flushed out by crying. Not only that, crying increases immunity. It helps to strengthen our immune system. Keeping grief in mind increases stress. This leads to many problems. So when you cry, don’t stop it. If you cry hard… pressure will also decrease.

In which eye comes the water of joy? : Tears fall from the left eye in sadness and from the right eye in happiness. Most of the people do not know this fact. Tears flow mostly from our left eye in pain. If we are happy, tears will come out of our right eye first. Our body’s inexpressible pain comes out through tears. Experts say that it is better to let out the pain by crying.

Why do many people cry at night? : Many sit alone at night and cry. Because.. it is difficult to control emotions at night. Mornings are spent exploring the surroundings and talking to relatives. Loneliness and stress are high at night. Many people do not sleep well due to anxiety at night. That’s why they cry at night.

Crying is a disease: According to experts, not only laughing too much, but also crying too much is a disease. If there is a problem in the nervous system, emotions cannot be controlled. Some suddenly start crying and laughing. This premature response is dangerous. If you also have this problem then consult a specialist immediately and get proper treatment.

Why do women cry more?: Women always cry more than men. According to research, sad tears are also related to the body. A protein called prolactin that is part of the body affects our endocrine system. Because of this, women cry more than men. Women have 60 percent more prolactin in their bodies than men.

Why do some people cry so much? : Crying is known to be caused by prolactin. Also, some are very soft. They cry at every word. Every person has a different personality. Their reaction is different in every case. 20 percent are highly emotional. That’s why they cry a lot.


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