Jabardast Rakesh- Sujatha wedding photos.. Roja, Getup Sheenu, Anchor Ravi Sandadi..

First Published Feb 24, 2023, 5:45 PM IST

Jabardast Rakesh and Sujata became one. Both of them entered into married life with a three-thorn bond. Recently, those photos are doing the rounds. The stars participated in it and created a buzz.

Rocking Rakesh became popular with Jabardasth show. Impressed with his comedy punches. Star became a comedian. He met Sujata on Jabardast show. Sujatha, who is a TV anchor, participated in the show “Bigg Boss”. From there it entered Jabardast. So they did a skit together. That was the introduction, turned into love and now went to marriage.

Rakesh and Sujatha got married in a grand manner in Hyderabad recently. Relatives, film celebrities, especially the Jabardast team were present and the wedding ceremony was held in grandeur. Currently, their wedding photos are going viral.

Jabardasth was present along with her husband Selvamani, former judge and current AP Minister Roja. The newlyweds were blessed. In Jabardasth, Rakesh’s couple, who consider Roja as their mother, take the blessings of Roja and Selvamani.

On the other hand, the Jabardast team also participated in this wedding ceremony and created a buzz. Getup Srinu also participated in them. He attended on his own accord. The newlyweds were blessed. The photo taken on this occasion is doing the rounds.

On the other hand, anchor Ravi also participated in this wedding ceremony on his own accord. He conveyed his wishes to Rakesh and Sujatha. Apart from them, other celebrities are also known to have participated in this.

Rakesh came to Hyderabad about 20 years ago and started his career as a mimicry artist. He has been a star comedian for the last ten years in Zabarthast. Sujata also became very famous with Jordhar news. Rakesh.. Rakesh entered Jabardast as a member of his team during the time when Dhanraj was the team leader. Over the years, Kirak also became a team leader named RP-Rocking Rakesh. With the departure of RP, he became a single team leader.

Besides becoming famous as a news reader, Sujatha got a chance in Bigg Boss and gained more image. Rakesh continues to be a contestant in the team after the introduction of the two. She is familiar with Rakesh from before. But she also entered the Jabardasth show and started doing skits in Rakesh’s team. And Rakesh and Sujatha have exposed their love affair many times on Jabardhast stage. Ejanta, who got engaged in this program, is now married.


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