“Jabardast” Varsha, who saw Immanuel in a lying position, cried out for help.

Jabardast couple Varsha and Emmanuel became a popular couple in Jabardast comedy show. The chemistry between these two works out well. This show fetches good TRP. But the latest developments are shocking.

Emmanuel in lying down position jabardasth varsha goes shocked she cries for help

First Published Mar 5, 2023, 8:26 PM IST

Immanuel and Varsha are impressing by doing romantic skits in Jabardast. Impressed with the love story skits. Singing duets, proposing love on the stage itself, eventually not only engagements, but even weddings. Expressing their love for each other, they are truly lovers. The way Varsha said it would be difficult without Emmanuel was surprising. Both expressed how deeply they love each other.

But after that they are maintaining some gap. But they proved once again that the love between them is like that. Varsha is shocked to see Emmanuel who has fallen. Boruna wailed and begged for help. This is what brings tears to everyone’s hands now. What happened to this? The latest promo of “Sridevi Drama Company” has been released. Aadi’s comedy in this is entertaining as usual. Smiles.

But at the end Emmanuel and Varsha performed a skit. Anchor Rashmi says let’s see how Varsha will react if Emmanuel dies. While it was lying dead on the moon, it could not bear the rain it saw. She ran fast and burst into tears. Is there anyone? Bhora lamented. It is a privilege to move everyone.

But even though it was a skit to watch, Varsha was really involved in it. It was surprising how Varsha would react if that happened to Emmanuel. Everyone was moved. It was the highlight of the promo. It is known that this show will be telecast on ETV next Sunday. While Rashmi is anchoring “Sridevi Drama Company”, Jabardasth comedians entertain by performing various skits, programs, dances and songs. It is the month of all kinds of talents.

Last Updated Mar 5, 2023, 8:26 PM IST

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