Jade roller for beautiful skin.. Do you know how many benefits it has..!


First Published Feb 24, 2023, 12:46 PM IST

Being busy with office and home work, women are unable to pay more attention to their skin. This causes the skin to become lifeless and dull. Apart from these, many factors from atmospheric pollution, dirt, dust and grime to the harmful rays of the sun lead to skin related problems. Along with these, prolonged exposure to the screen, unhealthy diet and lack of sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes. If you want to make your skin beautiful then follow some skin care tips.

A jade roller helps the skin to glow naturally. But we mostly see Jade Roller on social media. Celebrities are also using it to post their reels on social media. Now let’s know how this jade roller is beneficial for the skin.

What is a jade roller?

Jade roller facial is used for massages. It is made from an ormantal mineral called jade. It has been used in China for years. People there used it for medicine. It keeps the skin relaxed. It is beneficial for the skin in many ways.

Reduce skin inflammation

Regular use of Jaje Roller prevents water retention on the skin. Moreover, it reduces inflammation on the face. This jade roller increases blood circulation in the skin. It also detoxifies the skin. But some people always get swelling under the eyes. It is also beneficial for such people. But don’t use too much of it on the skin.

Increases blood circulation

Using a jade roller improves blood circulation in the skin. Moreover, due to this, oxygen reaches the skin better. Skin blemishes are reduced. Skin looks bright and healthy. It also reduces the risk of skin related problems.

Helps skin absorb nutrients

Applying your regular skin care products like moisturizers and serums with a jade roller helps them penetrate the skin effectively. A jade roller applies skin care products well.

There are no side effects

It gives a natural glow to our skin without any side effects. It benefits our skin in many ways. It can also be used to apply skin care products to the face. It also increases the absorption capacity of the product.

How to use a jade roller?

Cleanse your skin well first. Then apply your regular skin care products like oil, serum, moisturizer to the face. Then turn the jade roller upwards and gently massage the skin. But don’t rub it lightly or too hard on the skin. Do not apply on the jaw, cheeks, forehead, hairline. Also do not apply on the eyebrows and under the eyes.

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