James Cameron, the Oscar-nominated director of the iconic Avatar

This time the Oscar celebrations have left us with an unforgettable memory. India got two Oscars.. that too for a Telugu film.. Everyone was immersed in the celebrations as the Telugu song Acha got an Oscar. James Cameron, the director of Avatar, was not seen at the Oscars in this episode. Did he leave? That’s why he didn’t come to Oscar..? What actually happened…?

Avatar Director James Cameron Skipped Academy Awards 2023

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 4:10 PM IST

The Oscars ceremony, which is considered the most prestigious event in the world cinema, was held in Los Angeles in a grand manner. Three films were nominated from India. . Both films won Oscars. In it, the song Natunatu from RRR, which the whole country was eagerly waiting for, won the Oscar. Although the Indian Film Academy officially did not send RRR to the Oscar competition, Rajamouli managed to enter the Oscars. After being nominated, he finally won an Oscar. Along with Ecinema, films like Avatar 2 also got nominations in the Oscars.

Avatar 2 is a movie that is well received by Indians.. The movie won Oscars in 4 categories.. It won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. But Avatar director James Cameron was silent on the event. He won an award in the Best Visual Effects category for Avatar 2. But he did not come to the award function. But film pundits say that there is a reason for his absence. Disney’s Avatar 2 competed in a total of four categories. The film is also in the Best Picture category. But James Cameron was not nominated in the Best Director category. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get an Oscar, but he said he couldn’t get it because he wasn’t actually nominated.

Various news are doing the rounds that James was away from the Oscar ceremony because he was not nominated as the best director. But with those who were nominated for Oscars.. in the ceremonies held before that.. he smartly participated. In that ceremony, Kamran made a noise with Rajamouli. RRR praised the movie. But this time on James Cameron not coming to Oscar.. Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel responded in his own style. He made a joke on the stage and made everyone laugh.

This time, many Hollywood stars are away from the Oscars. Tom Cruise, one of the top heroes, was shooting for Mission Impossible, and as it was also happening abroad, he could not come. Not only that, Denzil Washington also did not come to the Ashkar ceremony due to the basketball matches. Denzil’s film Top Gun has been nominated for six awards this time. Denzil Washington, who won the best actor award three times, skipped the Oscar this time.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 4:10 PM IST

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