Janaki Kalaganaledu: Janaki who proposed to Ramachandra.. is Mallika creating trouble on purpose?

In today’s episode Janaki and Ramachandra say that you should take a bike and go. Then Janaki, who is on a bike, is about to put her hand on his shoulder, but thinks no and puts her hand around Ramachandra’s waist and holds him. Then Ramachandra will be happy. After that, Ramachandra Janaki and the two happily go to a place. Then Janaki tells Ramachandra to close his eyes. Then Janaki brought rose flowers and what a new thing Rama saw, what comes first in life for everyone came later for me.

I didn’t know there was a special Valentine’s Day for real lovers Rama Garu, since I knew I have never loved anything except reading. You said you loved me but I loved you after marriage. But I never told you about my love, but later I came to know how great it is to be loved. Then she gives flowers to Jana and says I love you Rama. She gives flowers to Ramachandra and kisses Ramachandra’s hand and becomes happy. Ramachandra keeps looking at Janaki. Then Ramachandra lets go of Janaki’s hand.

I am sorry, Janaki says you spoke so highly of the love in your heart, but I don’t have the peace of mind to receive that love. He says my whole mind is thinking about my younger brothers. Ramachandra says I am sorry Janaki garu if you express your love then I express my pain. Later Ramachandra and Janaki leave from there. After that, while Gyanamba is sad, Mallika dances saying that she is happy to leave the house. Then Govindaraju’s meal is bitter and wisdom says no.

Later Govindarajulu goes there while Mallika is packing her clothes. When he asks, are you leaving, uncle says yes, he is not leaving. Your father-in-law will be very sad, thinking about his father-in-law and still thinking that it will never be possible for us to go. Then when Govindarajulu asks to stay, Mallika goes out saying that she should create a fight. Nana is fussing that uncle is talking that we are leaving the house for something, Mallika says.

Mallika is thinking that if I say what I said today, everyone will think I am a rascal. Then Mallika would play thief plays and cry thief cries to create quarrels. Then don’t misunderstand you Attayya garu says there is no room in this house we are leaving. Then Mallika will be showering love and acting as a thief. Then Mallika wants to make a small quarrel into a big one. Mallika says that it will be fine if we go to the top, but if not, then we can’t say it to the top.

Look uncle, don’t misunderstand us.. If we are at home, there will be quarrels, we are leaving here and say let’s go. Then Vishnu who believes that Mallika’s words are true says thank you Mallika I didn’t think you would think so much about my family. Mallika says now let’s pack clothes before honoring me and leave. Jessie says let’s stay anyway. Akhil says uncle and uncle are suffering a lot. It is not necessary. It is better to go out than to stay in this tight corner.

Akhil keeps her mouth shut and says she can’t come to this house again. After that, Jannaba Ramachandra and Govindaraja Janaki all suffer. After that, Janaki prayed to God and lost his possessions. She is emotionally praying to God that the money is gone and now the bonds are also going away. They are thinking that God should show them some way to keep them from leaving the house.


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