Just Rs. 1000 investment and chance to earn big in three years

First Published Feb 7, 2023, 3:29 PM IST

Making money through mutual funds is a risk-free investment tool. Experts say that investing is the first step to financial discipline, in fact investing in mutual funds in small sips (monthly) every month can pave the way for your future and earn you huge sums of money.

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In the last three years, due to Corona, the market has become unstable due to which especially the small cap funds have suffered losses and left losses to the investors, but some small cap funds are providing good profits to the investors. Let’s know about such funds. This fund that we are talking about now has turned an investment of just one lakh into 2.3 lakhs in the last three years

Over the past three years, small-caps have left investors with heavy losses. Destroyed investors’ wealth, however, Canara Robeco Small-Cap Fund doubled its investors’ wealth during the same period.

Canara Robeco Small-Cap Fund, launched in February 2019, is a small-cap offering from Canara Robeco Mutual Fund. Canara Robeco is one of the most underrated Asset Management Companies (AMCs). However, since inception, the fund has accumulated assets worth Rs 4,568 crore by December 2022.

Moreover, since inception, the fund has given an annualized return of 26.75 percent. In the last three years, the fund has returned 33 percent. That means a Rs. Those who have invested 1 lakh have given a return of almost two lakh rupees.

And in this fund you have the opportunity to invest money in SIP (month wise) method every month. For example, if you have invested money in this fund at the rate of 3000 per month for three years, now you will have Rs. On an investment of 1,08,000 you would have got a return of Rs.1,68,638 (+56.15%) ie a profit of around 60 thousand.

If you have deposited up to ten thousand per month in the same fund, in three years you will have Rs. 3,60,000 deposit amount is possible to earn up to Rs.5,62,127 (+56.15%) which means you would have earned approximately two lakhs extra money. That is why experts advise that you can get good profits by investing money in mutual funds.

(Note: Investments in Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. The above information is for reader’s information only and is not investment advice. You are responsible for your own investments and should seek professional advice before investing in the financial market.)


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