Kalyan Ram’s ‘Amigos’ Censor talk.. As per the plan the run time is perfect..

After the blockbuster hit like Bimbisara, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s latest movie is ‘Amigos’. The film is gearing up for a grand release on February 10. Rajendra Reddy is the director while Gibran is providing the music. In this film, Kalyan Ram is acting in a triple role for the first time in his career. It is known that Kalyan Ram’s brother Young Tiger NTR attended the pre-release event on Sunday.

This created a good buzz for Amigos. As the film is coming after Bimbisara, those expectations will also be useful for the openings. Recently, the film has also completed the censor process. Censor members have given the film a UA certificate.

The film unit has locked a perfect run time of 2 hours and 19 minutes for Amigos. This is a thriller film in which Kalyan Ram is acting in a triple role. It must be said that locking this run time for a thriller film is the right decision. Meanwhile, it seems that the censor members are also thrilled to see this film.

It is said that this film will rain money in the theaters if it is a workout because of magic. Young beauty Ashika Ranganath acted opposite Kalyan Ram. In this film, Balakrishna remixed the song ‘Enno Rathru Lozain Kani’.


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