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Another milestone in the run of time is this new year.. I hope this year brings you all the best.. Happy New Year Shobha Krit Nama Ugadi. How are the twelve signs of the zodiac cycle going to be for them this year? Who will be lucky.. what their lucky stars say. Who gets it together…who loses. Let’s find out in this year’s results how it will be for all zodiac signs.

We are announcing these results keeping in mind people belonging to all communities. If you are interested to know the complete results then consult the experienced Jyotisha Pandits for personal horoscope analysis based on your date of birth and get your horoscope chakra done by them and if you know the subject and practice appropriate methods then the results will be favorable.

Joshyula Vijaya Ramakrishna – Prominent Jyotisha, Jataka, Vastu Siddhanti, Smarta Pandit – Worshiper of Gayatri Mata. (Former student of Tirumala Tirupati Devasdana) ‘Sri Mata’ Vastu… Astrology. – Phone: 8523814226 (Those who contact should put details on WhatsApp…must call after four in the evening)

Virgo (Uttara 2 3 4, Hasta 1 2 3 4, Chitta 1 2):

Guru:- From the beginning of the year it will roam in the seventh house and from April 21st it will not roam in the eighth house.

Shani:-Saturn does not transit in sixth house throughout the year.

Rahu:- From the beginning of the year it transits in the eighth house and from October 31st it does not transit in the seventh house.

Ketu:- transits in the second place from the beginning of the year and does not transit in the birth sign from October 31.

There will be delays in government related works. They will lose respect in the society. Physical activity increases. Just like taking proper precautions while traveling. There will be interruptions in the work to be done. Physically and mentally weak. There will be loss of money in professional business. Caution is required in poisoning important items. All the works attempted after April will be completed successfully. Professionals thrive in businesses. There is a happy atmosphere in the family. Home land sales come together. Chronic illnesses are a little troublesome. Marriage efforts will bear fruit. The value of your word increases in the society. Transit of Jupiter requires caution in travel. It is like thinking and taking decisions about investments in business. Care should be taken with important items. The affairs of the society should be dealt with carefully. Transit of Rahu Ketu can cause health problems. Conflicts with others cause difficulties. Therefore, after the passing of April, Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam and Gurugraha Japa should be given. Also it is best to do Japadanams for Rahu Ketu in November.

Going into the monthly results of this zodiac sign…

A lack of understanding between husband and wife can lead to conflict. The mind is depressed. Minor problems can occur in the health of the child. There may be conflicts with relatives. Forced to make unnecessary journeys. Difficulties arise due to unintended actions. Professional businesses are not suitable. The pressures of the officials will increase in the job.

Financial problems will have to be faced. Negative weather with family members. Adequate precautions are required while travelling. It is better to avoid arguments. Fear of bosses at work. Unnecessary expenses will increase. Health problems have to be faced. There is more difficulty in the work done. Others will be looking to get you into trouble.

You will get the help of friends in the business. Will spend happily with spouse. Careers are simple. Minor health problems occur. Favorable growth of authority in employment. Income streams are good. Key issues are resolved. A happy atmosphere is created in the family.

You have to face scandals in the society. Professional businesses will be profitable. Inevitably, antagonisms can arise with relatives. Expenditure exceeds income in many ways. Avoid disputes and quarrels. Get health and peace. There will be difficulties in government related work.

Think and decide and spend. Professional businesses are not so favorable. There is a negative atmosphere in the family. Enemies are inevitable. Failures can occur in ambitious tasks. You should act with less excitement in the business.

Efforts will bear fruit. Even if there are financial difficulties, money will come in due time. Negative atmosphere in the family. There can be ups and downs in business. Unreasonable quarrels arise among friends. There is a lot of pressure from the authorities at work. Minor health problems may occur.

Expenditure exceeds income. Evil spirits grow. There may be loss of money in business. Unexpected quarrels and disputes cause irritation in the mind. Important things need to be taken care of. Be careful on vehicle journeys. Spouse should be in harmony with each other. There may be disruptions in planned tasks.

If you leave stupid persistence in doing things, things will not go smoothly. Care should be taken while investing in professional business. Disagreements with relatives can arise. Friends can become enemies. Increase in unnecessary expenses. Insults can be expected in society. Disappointment with officials at work.

They will succeed in their endeavors. Money will be gained in business. Family comfort will be available. At work we can get favors and favors from the authorities. Students pay attention to studies. A new vehicle is purchased. Financially strengthened. Face every problem with courage.

Participates in dinner entertainment with family members. A lot of money is spent on buying jewellery. Professional businesses will be profitable. Long journeys come together. Married life will be happy. All tasks are completed on time. Government related works will be completed.

Good news will be heard. Business order will develop gradually. Gain upper hand over enemies. Spend time with family members happily. Help from friends is appreciated. A pleasant atmosphere is created in the home. We get favorable authority in our job.

Financial transactions are good. There may be minor conflicts with the spouse. Business is not going well. Employees can get pardons from superiors. Spend time happily with family members. Students should pay special attention to studies.

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