Kavya said that she will marry the dead Raj.. Raj shocked her by saying that she likes marriage!


First Published Mar 7, 2023, 12:47 PM IST

At the beginning of today’s episode, Raj wonders if this Kavya is a dream sister. But why is she sitting in Swapna’s place? Kanakam tells everything that happened then. I don’t believe that Swapna doesn’t want to marry me, this is also one of your lies. Raj says she has avoided marriage even though she came here.

We are happy that a good, beautiful and traditional girl is going to be the daughter-in-law of the Duggira family. Sitaramaiah says why did they do it, we are less. Seetharamaiah says that they are the ones who bear the insults but cannot bear this fraud. Not only this, we lied a lot. My wife’s lies are not enough.

We are not rich as you all think, we have no other income from that shop. He says furiously that my wife’s lies have nothing to do with me or my daughter. Krishnamurthy says don’t ask him anything, he doesn’t have any answer except my wife. Yes, it’s all my fault.

You wait for the dream, I waited for the dream to return at any moment. But Kanakam says he didn’t come. Dhanalakshmi scolds, “What man, you have told so far so many lies that you have changed your daughter-in-law.” I lost my son without money even for medical treatment.

I did this so that my daughters should not be in the same situation as me. I never thought my daughter would do so much. Kanakam says that if you blame this daughter too, I will die. Subhash, his younger brother, blames Krishnamurthy saying, “What kind of people you are, you have to adjust if your income is not enough, but you are watching how many widows your wife pretends to be, how incompetent you are.”

Don’t call my father anything, he is not incompetent but helpless. It is true that my mother lied but we are not liars. I was sitting on the stool with the intention that my sister would come back, but I had no other intention. Really, I would have told the truth after clapping my hands. Cumin jaggery was also put.

Kanakam cries saying that if the marriage stops now, my daughter’s life will be unfair. On the other hand, Swapna tells Rahul that all this is only after marriage, who is going to take Swapna close to her in the room. It’s like you still don’t trust me, I betrayed my family for you. I also kept my best friend Raj aside.

Rahul says I can’t bear it if your love decreases like that. Swapna says if I miss you in this world I will not trust anyone else. Rahul will subjugate him with such tricks. At the same time, I felt guilty as if I was being cheated on how you can marry me with him on the other side. Kavya says how can I be a wife like that for the rest of my life.

No matter how many awards are given to your entire family. Everyone is matured in acting. Raj says that before the property owners said what else lies, I will forgive everything but the only enemy in my life is how she thinks I will marry him. Kavya says I am not ready to make you too.

Meenakshi and Babu said wait for a while, the marriage is 90% over here, the mother and father washed their feet and performed the maiden ceremony, invited all the deities and performed Gauri Puja and only Brahma remained. She says that if she doesn’t put that one now, her life will be unfair. Who is not ready to believe your words. She lied that she was a daughter before.

Dhanalakshmi shouts that she wants to give her second daughter and marry her, but we should make her daughter-in-law. I may be a bad mother but my daughter is so good she never does anything wrong. Krishnamurthy is forced to marry and strangle her after all the work she has done so far.

Kavya says I also don’t want this marriage. Raj says all of you will die tied but your marriage is unlikely. Raj says I will not leave till I send you all to jail for cheating my family. Meanwhile, Raj’s mother is on the phone and Asale Puttedu is in grief, Sitaramaiah says don’t say such things to her.

Dhanalakshmi picks up the phone and says that I can’t hear anything in this sound. Rudrani thinks that it is better that you don’t know what to do with Vadina, otherwise she will tie everyone up and go home. Raj comes down from the stage saying that I will not tie this cheater’s neck. The same thing comes up in the media as well. Kanakam grabs everyone’s feet saying that my daughter should not be punished for my mistake.

Meanwhile, as Kanaka falls down holding her heart, everyone goes to her in a panic. Rudrani thinks that now the drama has reached a good stage. Rudrani says what are you looking for, call the ambulance. Raj comes out and thinks that they will all work and send the whole family to jail.

Appu gets angry saying that the drama is enough. Kavya scolds her sister saying that’s not the case. Meanwhile, the doctor who came there checks her. In the next part, Kavya tells her father that she doesn’t want to marry him. Raj gives a twist by saying that a girl can’t survive without getting married.

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