KCR’s comments in the assembly as a target of arrows

BJP MLA and former minister Etala Rajender was setter by CM KCR as assembly witness. The CM asked if he will forget everything if he goes from here to there. CM KCR made it clear that they do not have any language and will accept good advice if given.

telangana cm kcr satires on bjp mla etela rajender

First Published Feb 12, 2023, 5:36 PM IST

KCR was taunted in the assembly as a target of his erstwhile colleague Etala Rajender, who had joined the BJP. CM mentioned his name again and again. KCR said that they are thinking of defaming our king if they find a corner. He was fired saying that he is asking if he will give water to Maharashtra from SSRSP. KCR said that he can change from this side to that side, does he not know all this? He claimed that even the spears know everything. The CM asked if he will forget everything if he goes from here to there. He said that Etala asked to increase the diet charges.. He said that it is a legitimate wish and he will release the bio in two or three days. KCR satirized that he should not even call Etaala if he wanted to. The CM made it clear that they have no objections and will accept good advice. He ordered the ministers not to do what Etala asked.

The CM asked what is the goal of the country today. No matter what is done, the task is to win the election. If this is the case, where will the country go? The CM said that the country will not improve unless Kisan Sarkar comes. He said that is why it is called Abki Bar Kisan Sarkar. KCR expressed his anger that if asked to buy rice, would he ask to eat noodles, is he so arrogant. He stated that the country will improve if a government like Telangana comes. KCR commented that he got tired of seeing and started this perverse garden during his retirement. The CM said that if the country is being destroyed like this, it will not make sense to see it. KCR satires that these Vishwagurus are not.

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He made it clear that the existing irrigation policy in this country will be thrown into the Ganga and a new policy will be brought. KCR said that what is coming is his government and will do it and show it. He was fired that someone had staged a dharna there to demand 24 hours electricity. Do you want..? Katta..? KCR said that if the grid load is not balanced, the current will be cut. He made it clear that the current will not go off even for a minute, let it go. KCR has made it clear that the current will not be lost no matter what the cost. There is plenty of coal but there is no electricity.. Chandrababu is in the hole and YS Bonku is in the hole. KCR said that the Secretariat has been named after Ambedkar so that his reputation will remain forever. The CM disclosed that it has been suggested to name the Parliament after Ambedkar.

Last Updated Feb 12, 2023, 5:36 PM IST

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