Kerala High Court shocks Yashoda actor Unni Mukundan in sexual harassment case

Malayalam young hero Unni Mukundan was shocked by the Kerala High Court. The stay order against the hero in the case of sexual harassment has been suspended.

Sexual Assault Case Against Malayalam Hero Unni Mukundan

First Published Feb 9, 2023, 8:29 PM IST

Malayalam young hero Unni Mukundan of Yashoda fame was shocked by Kerala State High Court. The High Court stayed the stay order given in the existing sexual harassment case against Unni Mukundam. As there was no evidence related to the agreement made by the victim with Unni Mukundham in the past, the Kerala High Court has issued a fresh order rejecting the previous verdict.

Coming to the actual matter, a young woman filed a case of sexual harassment against Unni Mukundan in the past. In 2018, a young woman from the town of Kottayam in the state of Kerala approached the police saying that the young hero had sexually assaulted her. She has stated in her complaint that he misbehaved with her by calling her a story discourse.. and sexually harassed her. Unni went to court on Mukundan.

Disputes Judge Saibi Jose Kidangur argued for young star Unni Mukundan in the case. In the course of this case, the victim submitted a forged document to the court as if she had agreed to settle the case outside the court. As a result, the High Court dismissed the case of sexual harassment filed by the young woman. Everyone thought that the case was over. However, the High Court recently re-opened the case.

Recently, the aggrieved young woman approached the High Court. The young woman recently testified in the court that she did not sign anything in this case. The Kerala High Court has expressed its anger on the lawyer Saibi Jose Kidangur for trying to mislead the case by showing false documents. Adjourning the case to 17th of this month by ordering Unni Krishnan to file an affidavit in this case.

And if we look at Unni Mukundan… He is a star hero in Malayalam. Unni Mukundan continues to be a character artist in Telugu as well as Malayalam. Recently, Unni Mukundan impressed by appearing in a negative role in Yashoda movie. He continues to be a hero in Malayalam and got introduced to the Telugu audience with the movie Janatha Garage starring NTR. After that he gained fame with films like Bhagmati and Khiladi. This hero, who greeted the Malayalam audience with the movie Malikapuram, received a blockbuster there.

Last Updated Feb 9, 2023, 8:29 PM IST

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