Killing the mother.. walking around holding the head.. O son is deadly..

The son who went to extreme lengths for property. He brutally killed his mother because she was not allowed to write the land.. He went to the police station holding his head in his hands.

son killed mother over property disputes in jangaon district - bsb

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 7:55 AM IST

Janagama: The son who went to Dashtika on his mother’s side for property. He killed Navamasa without even seeing that he was a pregnant mother. He severed the head and torso. After that, he held his head and caused panic. This incident of killing the mother for two acres of land created a stir in Janagama district.

A tragic incident took place in Janagama district of Telangana. A son harshly killed his mother-in-law for property. He brutally murdered his mother because she was not given the land he asked for. He cut his neck. This horrible incident took place in Marigadi of Janagama district on Thursday. On this, Srinivas Yadav, a local of Marigadi, Janagama CIL, informed the details to this extent. Kurakula Ramanamma (65) is a resident of Marigadi. She has two children. Son Kannappa and daughter Lavanya. Both son and daughter got married. Ramanamma’s husband Rajaiah died ten years ago.

The son who killed his mother says that she is preventing him from marrying like a witch

Kannappa has a wife and a daughter. Daughter Lavanya stays with her mother due to differences with her husband. Meanwhile, there is ten acres of agricultural land in Ramanamma’s name. In this, she wrote two acres for her son and four acres of land for her daughter. But Kannappa has been asking his mother for many days to give him another two acres of land as he had given to his daughter. But she is not listening. Recently, in a similar argument, Kannappa threw his mother against the wall in anger.

Injured by this, she filed a case against Kannappa at the police station. Unable to bear it, Kannappa tried to commit suicide two days ago by hanging himself in his house. However, family members found him in time and shifted him to Janagama Hospital. Kannappa recovered after treatment there and returned home on Thursday. On arrival, he was angry with his mother. He took a knife and attacked her.

He cut the neck violently. She collapsed on the spot. Her head and torso were severed in the knife attack. The blood flowed. After killing his mother, Kannappa’s anger was not over yet. Holding her head with his hand, he walked around the house for a while. The locals were panicked when they saw it. Later, holding his head, he went to the Janagama police station and surrendered to the police.

Last Updated Feb 10, 2023, 7:55 AM IST

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