Krishna gives stern warning to Bhavani who is chasing his daughter-in-law.. Mukunda!


First Published Mar 3, 2023, 11:52 AM IST

In the beginning of the episode, Revathi asks if Mukunda will do tiffin. She leaves thinking that I will go and call elder aunt for tiffin. Just then, Krishna comes and angrily says that Tiffin is already late. On the other hand, Gautham is not on the phone, but Krishna calls her husband frantically, saying, “I have left, sir.” Bhavani shouts, why are you shouting, whether you thought this is home or bazaar, you can’t wait till it comes.

Krishna says time is over. Bhavani says I am not late, ACP Sir, I am late, says Krishna. Mukunda says that today is ok but every day pick ups and droppings are not for Murari, book any cab from tomorrow. Krishna says angrily that our senior will not agree if it is late. Bhavani says if you have to go, you can go anyway, Murari doesn’t want to come.

As Murari’s arrival is still late, Krishna leaves a message saying that he is leaving. Prasad says that he is wrong in dropping the marriage of both of them as husband and wife. Bhavani pulls the daughter-in-law back, saying that Murari would leave without breakfast if he was with Krishna, that’s why Mukunda said that. Murari comes downstairs saying I am ready. Murari says I am the one to drop if she says she has left.

Bhavani says why are you dropping today, why didn’t she go. Mukunda says she should get used to going alone. Everyone goes to have breakfast, thinking, let’s have padandi tiffin. On the other hand, Gautham angrily looks at Krishna who came late to the hospital. In the meantime Murari calls and forgets that I am among the four and gets angry saying that I am late because you did not drop me and now I have to give silly reasons to my seniors.

Gautham gets angry with her. Gautham tells the doctor next to him that he is not used to his duty and tells him how to behave. On the other hand, Revathi comes to her son who is leaving and asks what happened. Murari asks what happened. Revathi says you forgot your platy cap and you are leaving. Murari says that he was thinking about something and forgot and takes them and leaves from there.

Mukunda is watching all this from above and wonders what Antala is thinking. On the other hand, Murari is thinking about her while looking at the pen given by Krishna. He thinks that I am taking good care of him for trusting me after going through so much trouble. Murari on the other hand is so distracted. Mukunda thinks that what Murari is showing Krishna is pity, humanity or love, what should she know tonight?

On the other hand, when I called, I didn’t speak properly, but it hurt me so much, but it’s my fault, Gautham called me and left on her own. He calls again thinking that he is more important than me. Correctly Krishna is next to Gautham at the same time. Cuts the call immediately. No need to call again, voice message says I will come. Gautham gets angry with her. On the other hand, seeing Mukundani waiting in the hall, Revathi comes to Murari’s house and wonders who she is waiting for.

Mukunda seems to be waiting for someone, Suma says who will be waiting for him. When asked who she is waiting for, Mukunda says Krishna should come. Prasad asks if you have anything to do with him, but Mukunda says she doesn’t understand why you stayed out for so long. Revathi, why are you inquiring so much about what is your problem? Mukunda asks if I do the same thing, would you be the same?

Revathi says she knows where she went and why she went. Stunned by those words, Bhavani says that she should come home before it gets dark. Bhavani says why is she so tired after Krishna came home and Revathi pushes her daughter in law back saying how busy she is there. Krishna says that I have joined the hospital as a new member. There are many things I need to know and I am asking my colleagues.

According to the tradition of this house, Bhavani should come before dark. Krishna says that you can’t find photos or cabs there so quickly. Mukunda, you are a junior doctor and you are talking about how all the patients are alive because of you. Krishna says why am I talking like that. Bhavani says if argument is needed, can I say a word that I will come soon. How can I say that, if a patient in critical condition comes, juniors should attend compulsorily, says Krishna.

Bhavani says I am saying this for your safety, if you can’t come soon, call Murari. Even if we talk about their safety, Mukunda says that she does not like her mother-in-law that much. Krishna says what is your mother-in-law and my mother-in-law called little father-in-law or elder father-in-law? But Krishna says what did Revathi’s uncle say to you. Mukunda says don’t show your daughter to me. Mukunda says no matter who you talk to, talk to me very carefully.

Krishna says I don’t care how you talk about me, but if you talk about Attayya, talk carefully. Revathi shouts loudly to stop their argument. Krishna says I have quarreled. Mukunda says you are talking to me with love. Argued with the child who came tired, Revathi says my elder sister is there to tell you how to behave with whom the daughter-in-law of the house. Mukunda says I have no right or authority. Everyone is equal in your house after the elder brother.

I said she said it was for my safety and I said the same. After that I have to answer only to ACP sir if he asks I will answer. Krishna says I came from the village but I studied and became a doctor, I know how to behave. In the next part, Murari calls Krishna. I don’t want to come down, says ACP sir, I think it would be better to be with you right here in this room. Murari feeds him. Mukunda looks at it all stealthily.

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