Krishna Mukundha Murari: Bhavani’s words are ignored by Krishna, Murari.. Gautham is giving treatment to Nandi!

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna takes food to Nandu. If you don’t see it, you have to get used to eating with your hands, she tells you how to eat. She remembers Gautham’s eyes and feels dizzy. Krishna says what happened. Nandu, who is the boy who came with you?

Our senior doctor Gautam says Krishna. Nandu says what Siddu remembers when I see this boy. Krishna says who is the real Siddu. Tries to remember but gives up on headache. Krishna says no, eat first. Did Siddu have anything to do with Nandini becoming like this?

Nandini thinks why everyone got tensed that day when Siddu’s name was mentioned. After reaching her room, Krishna is suffering from hunger. This is what Illa, Andaman Jail thinks these are the rules. Meanwhile, Murari came there and made the bed to sleep. Krishna angrily says that they seem to have eaten their fill.

Murari teases her more by saying what a test and how good the meal is. Krishna says why are you saying this. Murari says I am talking about us. Krishna says that the stomach churning here is like your gurubhakti is crying for that Guruji’s daughter. Murari says you don’t want to have so much ego. Krishna says I feel hunger in my stomach.

Murari says my stomach ache has not subsided yet. Krishna says to her father’s photo that we thought ACP Sir Manchodu, look how good my father is, not only him, but everyone in this family has a lot of gorojana. Murari says that I am my family. Murari says I am hungry but the question means I am also hungry.

Murari says that they have come to Mecca now, so if you are hungry, how can I eat? Krishna says the dialogue in which movie. Murari says I am telling the truth. Krishna says I will serve ten, not you but I have given punishment. If you serve me hungry, I can’t eat, I am not so much of a monster, says Murari. Krishna says go and eat.

Murari says, “It’s not an impossible task, but let’s go out. Didn’t Peddamma say don’t go out and eat?” Krishna says magic is good, now it looks like police. Murari says if you take the car, everyone will know that there are bike keys in Madhukar’s room. Krishna laughs that you are a thief and a policeman.

Krishna gets worried as no shop is open. She says that she is hungry. A tiffin cart is seen in the distance. If you stop there and ask for tiffin, the shop owner says it’s time to tie the knot, what tiffin is there. Krishna threatens that whoever you want to be polite to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, if not, they will not let this cart stay here.

He says sit down and I will make it right now. They chat and eat dosas. On the other hand, Mukunda goes to their room and checks where Murari is secretly feeding his wife. Mukunda is thinking about you as there is no one there and it is like going out and having tiffin.

On the other hand, while eating Krishna ice cream coming on the cart, learn to eat ice cream too, if I leave tomorrow, I should remember whenever I eat ice cream. Murari says don’t remind me about going to Matimati. Krishna says even if I don’t go, your people will chase me. Krishna Murari comes home. Murari wipes the ice cream from Krishna’s mouth.

Mukunda can’t bear to see it. Mukunda is faced by both of them who come inside. Both will be shocked. Where are the two in love birds going? Krishna says we are going out, why are you standing in the middle of the hall like security. Krishna’s elder father-in-law gave a punishment, did you both not care about her words?

Mukunda demurs saying what is the meaning of going out on a cart in the middle of the night. I don’t understand what is so low that it takes a month to stand up. What is she doing here, not sleeping in the middle of the night, making necklaces about us. In the next room, Krishna says that this woman’s plan is to talk about Mogudu’s weddings. Murari says are you listening how your wife talks.

Krishna says, ACP sir, see how other’s wife is talking. Mukunda says I didn’t say anything wrong. Why are you condemning my husband? If my husband takes me out, what’s wrong with you? Krishna says what is your problem, we will sing duets near the tank wagon. Mukunda says did you see how your wife is answering.

Krishna says why are you pulling my hair in the middle. I was hungry, but my husband took me out and fed me. Even if there is something wrong with it, why do you always come between us? I ate clean to my stomach. After putting on the sweet pan, if we bought him ice cream, I ate a lot of it too, says Krishna sarcastically.

Mukunda says I will tell this to my elder father-in-law. Krishna says all the best and takes Murari’s hand to his room. He does too much. We have an agreement to stay today and leave tomorrow. My girlfriend says a lot about both of them and thinks how well I will treat them at home.

In the next part, Bhavani wants to give some punishment to Krishna for violating these rules, but meanwhile Nandini turns her eyes away saying Krishna. She will be admitted to the hospital. Gautham comes there for treatment but no one recognizes him. Nandini remembers his touch.


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