Krishna who is in the danger zone.. Bhavani who can’t do that!

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna asks Gautham who the photo is. Gautham angrily says its none of your business. Gautham says, “What are you saying, sir, Krishna means take care of your work.” Gautham says that Krishna has not told me anything, so write both the reports that have been given so far and bring them by tomorrow. Shocked by those words, Krishna nervously says sir. Gautham says what is enough, do you want one more.

Krishna says these are enough for my life sir. Krishna comes to his cab again and asks if Parimala madam will be your sister, she will always be confused like you. Angry at those words, Gautham shouts angrily saying shut up and get out. Confused by the anger, Krishna punches Murari without looking. Murari says why are you so worried.

She says that she is in the danger zone and grabs him from there. Murari who is coming in the car says that he did not tell why they are nervous. Murari says if Krishna doesn’t tell me, then who will you tell? I am in such a situation that a rabbit that roams freely in the forest gets suffocated when it enters the jungle. At home, in the big father-in-law hospital, Parimala madam is treated like a lion, but our senior doctor Gautam is seen as a tiger, not a lion, says Krishna.

Murari makes a face as if he doesn’t understand. They don’t talk too much as if they have poison in their throat, they open their third eye when they get angry. But Krishna says that if you hold an injection, it is an unstoppable weapon just like holding a trident. Murari laughs that there is no one like the bloody Ganga. Murari says you are talking about a man for the first time. Krishna stops next to the car saying that he is a very interesting person, but he seems like a question that I don’t understand.

Murari says why did you stop, I mean we have to buy some things in the stationery shop and Krishna goes to the shop and buys what he wants. Nandu, on the other hand, says that I want Krishna, bring him urgently before he is sent out, and bring Krishna first. If only Krishna left me, I will also leave you, Mukunda. Nandu says you will come to play with me, she will take good care of me.

Well let’s wait until Krishna comes, Nandu their father says. Mukunda asks if Krishna has joined the duty, will it be a problem for Maviya to look after him every time? Meanwhile, Ananda falls to her feet seeing Krishna’s arrival. I thought it was only dropping, but now it seems that pickups are also being started. Nandu takes her saying Krishna.

Krishna says I have brought chocolate for you and gives it to me. Nandu says that is why I like you, I was afraid that I sent you out of the house. Murrini asks for their pin if she wants coffee. Murari says no, I will freshen up and come back. Bhavani who just came there asks if she will leave all the housework and cooking and go to duty. Krishna says I have never done housework or cooking. Indeed, your aunt takes such wonderful care of you.

You also have some responsibilities. If your sister-in-law offers carriage, at least you don’t have to do your work, you know that there is no cook in the house, but who wants to do so much work? Revathi was not feeling well and did all the housework and cooking before going to bed. You left like a busy Dr. V. Krishna says if you want to do your work, you can’t do it.

I should go to the hospital, Krishna says when she comes, this is the time. Bhavani says that as daughters-in-law of this house, they have certain responsibilities and they have to go out after fulfilling them. Krishna says I don’t know how to cook for so many people, I don’t even have that much time. Even after joining the duty for a single day, she will answer against the method, no matter what she thinks, everyone will think for the good. Mukunda says bitterly that you will answer such a woman.

Krishna says I am talking, why are you getting stuck in the middle. She says that she asked for any help even when she was leaving. When did you ask me when I was going to the hospital with Murari and after I tied the box, you asked me. Then Mukunda asks if I should tell you what to do, if I ask you what this is, I will turn against you.

Suma says there is no turning back, she will tell her problem. Why do you argue with Mukunda without looking at the big and small? He alone seems empty to you, can’t you wake up early and give coffee to your aunt and uncle, can’t you make tiffin, can’t you tie your carriage, Bhavani says, till today, no one told me to do that, but Revathi’s uncle made sure that the children did not need that. I started going to the hospital today and didn’t expect this Mukunda revolution to happen, says Krishna.

Krishna says that I was happy in the hand of the box with love, but I did not expect that there would be a fuss if it was like this when I returned. One word means boat, what is wrong with that, you have three daughters-in-law in your house, you can’t leave all the work to one daughter-in-law. Bhavani says that this joint family should work equally. Krishna leaves from there saying that from tomorrow I will go to the hospital where I will do all the housework and cooking.

Sumaki puramaishat Bhavani saying if someone doesn’t do their work then tell me. Krishna wakes up mother-in-law and gives tablets. She says you haven’t eaten anything even in the afternoon, and if you don’t drink this milk, you will lose your education, she forces you to drink milk. Revathi says I will not see you today. Krishna says I came ACP sir before going to the hospital but you went to bed or you didn’t want to wake up.

When Revathi asks how the hospital is, Parimala garu is like that. Revathi says her mind is good. What to do if the mind is good? I don’t know why Krishna is screaming. Revathi asks if Murari is a friend and why didn’t you tell her, that too has become a friend, then come home and go away, but you can’t do something like this, Krishna says that anyone is the same for her. Revathi asks if Pony will join another hospital.

Krishna says I will go there if I don’t want. Revathi asks who did the cooking today but she says Mukunda did. Krishna says that your health is not good, why all this, drink milk and take rest. Revathi thinks why does Mukunda, who seemed to be doing nothing until yesterday, do a little more from Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, Murari is looking for Krishna. Mukunda asks who are you looking for, putting me on the other side, Murari says I am looking for Krishna. Mukunda says Tinadu is playing Billa somewhere with Nandu but Murari says she is doing very well. Mukunda says that your marriage has become so much talked about that it will feel like your own marriage is over.

Murari happily says yes and Mukunda gets angry seeing his feeling. Krishna tells her husband to cut the vegetables in the next part. As he is unable to do it, he teaches himself. When he sees it, he gets angry.

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