Lalitha Prasad’s love story ‘Rajni’


First Published Feb 17, 2023, 11:24 AM IST

Rajini doesn’t want to make her beautiful black hair more attractive. But today she changed her mind. She wanted to make it very beautiful. Moreover, she made a firm decision to look blonde. It was made like that. Half an hour later, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself, giving her great relief. She stretched out her hands, looked at the slightly ringed hair, looked at the shiny lipstick on her lips. He must be ashamed that he is at the level of most blondes. He should look at it once more and congratulate himself. But the mind is refusing.

Rajini knows that the people around her, her friends, especially the boys, don’t really want to see her like a doll. The light blue color saree bought for the birthday made it even more beautiful. A necklace that does not look too heavy will surely impress your friend. He bought it. He is almost like himself. Don’t like trying to stand out by being over-ready. Accham hopes to be like him. But not for some special functions. Instead of moving the pieces in chess, you should walk slowly, talk slowly, and greet him soberly according to your level. All this is wrong for outsiders! Everyone who saw her liked and impressed everyone, except herself!

However, she didn’t want to seem too reluctant. She knows enough about men. So, reluctantly, she wears an unexpectedly good saree. Ever since her favorite light blue color saree and matching necklace teased the boys, they made her attractive. She knew that this was the day her boyfriend would tell her that he loved her forever. She felt it. She imagines how all those who see her are jealous of her beautiful curves, how they will interpret their couple’s every talk, and Ravana will be embarrassed. Both feel lonely in their love. But it was on the show where they first met that many came into focus. So he asked her to meet there.

This strange situation is making her angry inside, she can see it. No one is having fun with anyone.. Everyone’s eyes are on him, they are not talking to him. Rajini wants to shout that he is not himself. But time and context are tied. Perhaps, she felt that he had called her to reveal her uniqueness to her. Laughed, there was no joy in the laughter. She smiled for those around her. Who is caught on camera?

It is unexpected. She closed her eyes for a moment and went into her own world. He didn’t want to propose his love in such a mess. The picture is that today, on such a platform, he is once again bringing the mention of marriage which he has been waiting for a long time. The cat jumped out of the window. Amantam woke up. It’s time for him to go to the office. The second ran like a thorn.
He was in the shop polishing the puppets. In the bazaar, people see the dolls and think they are very good. At the same time their eyes met. But he was busy with work. The neighbor patted his shoulder and said that he was laughing at someone. Then he looked. He slowly approached her and thought to greet her. But some fear and anxiety could not take a step. But they met somewhere after many days. They looked at each other like that. No words. In the light of the street lamps he saw a beautiful figure. She saw in him not only an artist but also a lover. And after some years they met somewhere, still there has been a lot of change in both of them.. ‘Time brings a lot of change.. It has brought a lot of beauty in you. You are like a puppet’.. he said. No, he said, touching her cheeks.
But there is no change in my love for you she thought.. He smiled knowingly. I searched for you a lot, he said.. taking her hand in his. I didn’t want to be far away.. I didn’t want to be.
Now that we have met.. they kissed their hands.. as if to leave the matter of so many days He took out a ring from his pocket and placed it on his finger and said, “It is small in front of your beauty, but this is a sign of my love.” I don’t want to leave you anymore.. I can’t stay away.. Will you marry me?.. he asked smiling nicely.
He expected the same. It worked as well as jumping on him. The flower vase on the table fell and broke. She forced her eyes open. She thought many such scenes in her mind. You look so beautiful in your dreams. But that is not exactly the case today. Removing the ring, kissing and kissing.. there may not be any of that. He is also near the toy shop. He ordered a pizza and stood waiting. But she did not give up hope. I love a certain girl upstairs so that people can hear from near the shop. That’s what Rajani wanted to hear. It is possible to imagine that both of them will meet after that moment. Asha could not move her from the window.
Their break up happened as normal..including quarrels, accusations and arguments! He was busy with his work and spent his life time making and selling dolls. People wanted to admire his artistic vision.. that’s what happened.. that’s what satisfied him.. that’s what he thought of life. She noticed the same. But she was very happy when he was near her, she was able to know a lot about the world.. Why should she feel jealousy? Questions are always bothering Sama! In fact she needs to know him more. She thinks that she needs to see him more from her point of view. She expressed a lot of love..she is doing it..he should say what is on his mind without hiding the same should happen.
Sant is going on in the village for many days. All the small shops are expecting good business. Rajni is looking at everything like that. A variety of shops. Clothes, jewellery, kitchen items, toys, curtains… are impressive in many, many colors. Suddenly the thought that he was watching her from somewhere stopped. Looked here and there as an observation. Her attention was diverted to a toy store some distance away. He was indeed there. But not seeing himself. Someone is telling the old lady about something. She wanted to greet him instead of greeting him. The hand waved. He did not see. The worker next to him saw and patted him on the shoulder and pointed to Rajini. Some are unimaginable. This is exactly what happened when I saw it for the first time. It’s still the same. She smiled, covering her sari. She wanted to see. He didn’t see.. Wanted to get angry.. Couldn’t say anything. She went by herself.
‘Thank you very much for coming’ he said politely.
‘Bhalewadivi, if you don’t come, will this festival and the measurements of dolls be held again now?’ She said. She put her hand on his shoulder and said something else. He took her hand and led her into the shade of trees some distance from the shops.
Can’t imagine it. He said we should talk about ourselves. Kiss him. But he didn’t even smile, he looked serious. Rajani was shocked for a moment. I don’t know what happened…even if he said it…he didn’t hear it!
‘The moments we spend with each other are very precious, but we both have to accept that our bond is over. But you show your love somehow. I don’t think otherwise’ he said.
‘How else do you want to understand?’ Time stopped for a moment. Her heart skipped a beat. She looked around. No one cares about them.. They are in someone’s work. She followed him.
‘Rajni, don’t try to meet me. Don’t send messages by mistake. Don’t say I miss you so much. Don’t say you want to meet. Leave everything. leave it Don’t think I’m saying it harshly..let’s be who we are..please’ he said while taking her close.
‘I thought both were one and the same.’ She didn’t want this to happen.. She heard someone’s story and thought in the past that it should not happen to her. But it happened.. she touched him once.. for the last time.
‘I don’t like such things. You are not restrained..all those around you don’t know how to be in your mind. They are not what you think. I am one of them. You don’t deserve it. Thinking, reality is different. Can’t act new in life for others. If you are doing things they like to impress someone, you are losing yourself. Nope. Don’t do that again. I am sorry..” he said and left, wiping his eyes.
Rajni stood half in the sun and half in the shade of the tree and watched. Her sorrow overflows with him. He walked away.. far away.. far enough to never meet again.
Someone moved a doll like him that he had made near the Santalo shop.. It was spinning nicely.. How good it was. Its name is Rajnee. His name is Ranjith.

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