Lasya who advised Nandu about Tulsi.. Rajyalakshmi who saw Vikram’s marriage?

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: The TV serial Intinti Gruhalakshmi continues with a good concept. Let’s find out the highlights of what happened in today’s March 9th episode of this serial which is being aired with the concept of a woman who separates from her husband and fights alone for her family.

Lasya shares her plans with Nandu in today's intinti Gruhalakshmi serial gnr

First Published Mar 9, 2023, 9:34 AM IST

In today’s episode, Tulsi and Divya say that if the mind is not calm, even the objects in front of our eyes will not be visible to our eyes. Then, be it divine or our insanity, we will think that it is my stupidity to pass judgment on those whom we do not know well about ourselves. Then in Tulsi mobile it is better to play the cheeks when we have done wrong, that means Divya Polamarut. Then Tulasi is happy to see Divya. Then Nandu goes towards the kitchen looking like a thief to talk to Tulsi.

Then while the thief is looking into the kitchen Parandamayya comes there and goes to Nandu saying that at this age this is bad for him. Then Orei asks what are you looking at and Nandu looks back and says, “I am seeing how Tulsi three is.” Oh father, I didn’t see with the vision you think, I don’t know why, Lempa gets up and runs away from there.

After that, Basavayya told Rajyalakshmi that it would be better if she told Vikram’s brother-in-law and uncle once about the marriage relationship, then they would be happy. Then Vikram is passing by and Rajyalakshmi is ignoring them, so Vikram tells a lie that he is going to sleep. Vikram says if you don’t eat I will also get up from the glass as Rajyalakshmi gets up.

Vikram sits down for a meal and even when the meal is served, he keeps thinking about the words of something divine without eating. Then Vikram shouts at the maid, not knowing who to direct his anger on. Then Rajyalakshmi washes her hands without eating and sits down with Vikram. Then Vikram is shown affection and fed by the thief. Rajyalakshmi says what happened father, you are looking sad and sad on your face. Vikram says that’s all because mom said that she will sleep. Then Vikram gets shocked as Rajya Lakshmi says happily that you will get married tomorrow.

Then Vikram says as well as mom what you say. Later, while Lasya is sleeping, Nandu sneaks and wants to talk to Tulsi. Then the thief slyly goes to Tulsi’s room without anyone seeing. Then immediately, Nandu thinks that Anasuya has been caught in the middle by asking if anyone will see Orei Agara in her sleep. Then Anasuya sleeps in silence as Parandhamaya Abbabba says I am dying with senior dialogues Osei is going to sleep. After that, Nandu thinks that Ammayya has gone to sleep, but when Lasya comes there, Nandu gets shocked.

Then Lasya goes to her room and says that this is going on since many days, what is it called when the ex-wife goes to the room after leaving the marriage at midnight. Then Nandu says don’t imagine what you are and Tulsi says why did you go to room after everyone slept. Nandu says why did you go when there was no bad intention in your mind, my poverty comes to the front of the house with white and then says I went not knowing what to do. Then Nandu becomes happy as she tells all about her friend Vasudev. Lasya says that he thinks I am Tulsi’s husband and wife, what is there to get tension in it, tell me everything that happened to divert the flight.

Nandu says that he gives more importance to Tulsi than me, if he knows about Divers matter, he will not even see my face. Nandu is surprised to hear that Lasya will tell you the plan to get rid of you and pretend to be husband and wife for the days your friend is here. Lasya says that they should act as husband and wife only. Lasya says I don’t want to prepare, but I have to pretend to be dead. Let’s talk to Tulsi about this in the morning. Lasya asks if Tulsi will agree in this matter i.e. she agreed in the case of cafe and also in this matter. If you have doubts, go ahead and convince your father and mother, they will convince Tulsi.

On the other hand, Vikram is touching their grandfather’s legs and talking jokingly, then their grandfather brings up the topic of marriage. Then Vikram’s grandfather gets sad as God says that Babu garu Amma has sent clothes for the wedding ceremony and says Orei God you are the heir of crores of property of this clan, why do you need to be a servant, what is your destiny. Vikram says why are you in such a hurry about marriage? Then Vikram blindly believes Rajyalakshmi’s words.

No matter how good Vikram’s grandfather tells them, Vikram does not listen to them, so Vikram’s grandfather tells them that it is a waste and leaves from there. Vikram says that you have that doctor mom in your mind, who will not get it if you are not lucky and leaves from there. On the other hand Anasuya is doing exercise while moving her finger, Anasuya says that if you express like this, you can eat four lumps more.

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