Lasya who is in a hurry in the wedding ceremony.. Did Divya call Vikram?


First Published Mar 3, 2023, 8:56 AM IST

In today’s episode, while Divya is looking for her mobile, she opens her handbag and sees the money given by Vikram, thinking about Vikram, meanwhile Shruti comes there. Shruti says while looking at Divya like that, why are you looking like that, marriage, but the girl is staring into the void thinking like that, it is not a normal smile, Shruti says that someone must have moved her mind. It is said to be the smile that comes when someone looks at you from your memories and smiles. Divya says that it is not the same, Vadina, don’t think about what you are doing. Actually, I have no idea of ​​getting married right now. I told the same thing to my mother too.

Divya says that she is sitting in marriage tomorrow under mandatory circumstances. Shruti asks what is the reason for this smile, as it has a short story, does it have a story? Now Divya explains the entire tone of what happened. Then Shruti says one thing whether you believe it or not, all love stories start like this. Divya says that someone invested two lakhs to meet you again to talk to you. Shruti asks why did he put two lakhs in your hand without doing anything wrong.

Shruti says if you call him now to give money, he won’t pick up the phone, that means he didn’t pick up, Vadina says, you keep calling and thinking about him, no, Vadina means, if not from your side, from his side, Shruti says. I will call him until I give him the money and then I don’t care to actually care about him. Divya says stay, I will call that guru now. Divya thinks whether it is good to do it now or not. On the other side, everyone is silent in the house without rushing, meanwhile Lasya comes there and asks what happened to you all, marriage is going on in the house today and everyone is like this.

Meanwhile Nandu comes there and asks how Nandu is sitting as if no one is responsible. Tulsi says Lasya don’t talk like that. Tulsi says I said there was no rush for marriage, so there is still time. Anasuya asks if the bride’s daughter Divya is ready and she is talking on the phone. Meanwhile, Divya comes there and everyone is laughing as Divya is super ready and asked if the real wedding look is Meka or Naka. Divya says no way I will get ready in a simple way as I am eager to get ready in a grand way.

Lasya says not so Divya listens to me they are millionaires. Everyone laughs as he compliments himself saying what do you think of Lasya. Then don’t bring any sweets, I have already brought something like kaju sweet bandar laddu, Tulsi says we know you will match it with ravva laddu and boondi, Lasya says. Then the Lasya tribe is rushing and overacting and everyone is laughing at it. Then Tulsi calls Divya to get ready.

On the other side, God is sitting without ironing his clothes, meanwhile Vikram comes there and makes jokes on God. While God is struggling to iron the sarees, Vikram is cracking jokes and laughing. Vikram says then I will tell the lady that god I can’t iron saree means go and see and imagine what will happen later. Then Vikram says, “What about this saree? Babu, I will continue to do it while ironing. Meanwhile, their grandfather came and asked what are you doing. Amma is ironing the saree. Grandfather is not doing well,” Vikram says.

Meanwhile, Sanju comes there with a shirt for iron, Era says if you want iron, I will put it there. Vikram says that you are working in a hospital, tell me what you will do brother, you go and I will iron it. Then Vikram thinks of their grandfather. On the other hand, while Divya is getting ready for the wedding ceremony, Shruti comes there with flowers, and Divya satirizes me saying that all this is a wedding ceremony or beauty. When Divya said that, I lost all my excitement when I was told that the wedding was going to be big, Divya says. Divya says, did you see how Vadina is talking, I am controlling my father’s face.

Divya calls Vikram in front of Shruti and says, Oh Vikram, I will do it now. On the other hand God lifts Vikram’s phone. Then God is saying something in a whisper. Now Divya told me to give the phone to Vikram sir, sir, he is busy, tell me something, there is nothing. Divya said yesterday, I gave you two lakhs because of a small mistake. He speaks highly of Vikram. Divya says you sir are Mother Teresa for giving like that.

No, Father Teresa, God keeps talking. Then God will say something without saying what Divya called. On the other hand, Shruti Divya keeps talking thinking that such and such a person is like this. Divya says I understand, tell me if there is any trick to return the money to him. Shruti says try calling again and see if he gets on the line. Then Divya is getting ready. On the other hand, the Lasya tribe is rushing as the bridegroom’s son comes to look after the wedding.

Then I keep the house clean myself because the bride’s son’s mother’s father’s house is very nice. Lasya overacts and brags about herself that I sweep the house once an hour and everyone laughs at it. Lasya overreacts saying that the house should be clean, I will spend half the time at home. Then Lasya who is in Nandu asks if you will bring snacks and Tulsi says that it is okay if you have a snack then Tulsi says that it is okay, I have a little urgent meeting that means Nandu Tulsi go and bring Divya. On the other hand, while Divya is working, Tulsi comes there, and Divya says that for any girl, first lady looks are a bit of a celebration, but for me, these are forced wedding looks.

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