Like Kohli.. Jemima who recreated the Melbourne magic.. Pakistan lost both times..

As part of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, the Indian cricket team won a great victory over their cousin Pakistan. In this exciting match, Jemima Rodrigues, the star batsman of Team India, not only remained unbeaten with 53 runs in 38 balls, but gave India a super victory. When the Pakistani bowlers were increasing the pressure.. the cricket fans were disappointed to see the pain she showed, the way she stayed till the end and finally got upset. Jemima’s innings is being compared with the magic innings played by run machine Virat Kohli against Pakistan in Melbourne last year.

Virat Kohli scored 82 runs in just 53 balls in the high-voltage match against Pakistan in Melbourne as part of the Men’s T20 World Cup last year. After India lost four crucial wickets for 45 runs, Hardik did a miracle with Pandya.

Kohli showed his universal form in the last three overs. Haris Rauf bowled two huge sixes in the 19th over which is still trending on YouTube. A six in the last over of the match. He ran like a leopard between the wickets and gave India an unforgettable victory. Even if not in that range now, Jemima also fought like no less.


She played a crucial innings with Richa Ghosh at the stage of losing three crucial wickets for 93. While 41 runs were to be scored in the last four overs, Jemima and Richa did a wonderful job. Pakistan bowlers were washed away. As a result India won this tournament and this is our best T20 win over Pakistan.







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Meanwhile, many shots played by Jemima in this match.. ICC has made a video comparing it with the shots played by Kohli in Melbourne. She posted the videos on her social media account with the tag line India Victory in the T20 World Cup matches against Pakistan. These videos are now going viral. Watch these videos..


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