MA gold medal for Afghan woman in Gujarat University.. ‘This is my answer to Taliban’


First Published Mar 7, 2023, 3:01 PM IST

AHMEDABAD: ‘I represent Afghan women who are deprived of education. I want to tell the Taliban that women can excel in any field if given a chance,’ said Razia Muradi. Razia Muradi is an Afghan citizen. She bagged a gold medal in MA (Public Administration) at Veer Normad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) graduation ceremony on Monday.

She has been staying away from her family for the past three years. She achieved a cumulative grade point average of 8.60 in MA. That is the highest score in that subject. She completed her MA in April 2022. Currently she is doing her PhD in Public Administration.

After coming to India from Afghanistan, she studied in online mode due to Corona lockdown. In the first two semesters, most of the classes and exams were conducted online.

He explained that he listens to lectures regularly and focuses on studies. It’s not only the corona epidemic.. She is also free from the Taliban.

She also received MA Gold Medal and Sharada Ambelal Desai Prize.

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Speaking on this occasion, she criticized the Taliban. They fired at the Taliban saying it was a shame to ban women and girls from getting basic education. She thanked the Government of India, ICCR, VNSGU and the people of India. He explained that he hopes to provide his services to this university one day. He said that he wants to help students reach their goals.

He said he was happy to win the gold medal, but being away from his family was painful. However, he explained that he would call and tell them about it and they would be happy too.

About 14 thousand Afghan students are studying in India with the help of ICCR scholarship and other organizations.

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